PAWS Patrol

Ask anybody in Alpharetta who their favorite police officer is and they will all agree. These two officers are exemplary public servants: laser-focused on their job and friendly. Both have sizable social media followings with comments coming in from fans all over the state. 

The Montessori Difference

Maria Montessori, Italy’s first woman doctor, invented a system of early childhood education based on her scientific observations of how the child constructs himself through interaction with his environment.  

Pool Heaven

The Rain Curtains are the focal point in this project at a home in Duluth. Two waterfalls have a sheer decent, with a solid sheet of water flowing at three different speeds. On the lowest speed, the water is slower and looks and sounds just like rain - reassuring, calming, mesmerizing.  When the sun sinks over the horizon after a warm…

Hello friends,

Living here in Georgia, our summer continues right into August (and really, into September). Aren’t we lucky?  I know the heat can be a bit overwhelming, but now with the kids back in school, parents can find their own summer groove.  It’s a great time to find your favorite spa, yoga class, coffee spot or … Continued

August 2019 Around Town

Never Enough Thyme  he Alpharetta-based, family-owned and operated gourmet restaurant – recently opened its second location at Alpharetta City Center in the Mercantile building at 8 S. Main St. The new location offers breakfast, lunch and dinner seven days a week. Known for its generous servings of homecooked favorites, Never Enough Thyme’s menu offers traditional … Continued

Om at Home

 1  Warrior 2 yoga pose which can be used for opening and reenergizing multiple tired muscles.  Build stamina, strengthens the arms, legs, spine and cultivates flexibility in the groins.  2

New Fitness Studio in Milton Celebrates Grand Opening

As a pioneer in the Atlanta fitness industry, studio owner Marianne Baker opens the doors of PowerUp Pilates in Milton. The workout is a new take on Pilates using the Allegro 2 reformer and provides an escape for its members where motivation, inspiration and movement offer a transformative experience.

Audi Marietta Opens

 Audi Marietta opened with a celebration featuring elegant food by Bold Catering, hand crafted cocktails, and music by The Main Attraction Band. The Jim Ellis Automotive Family provided a warm welcome, setting the bar high for an exceptional customer experience.

How schools help kids cope

Our kids are bombarded by messages, images, media and other unseen pressures that can cause confusion, frustration, and upheavals in behavior.  At school, teachers and administrators can be important resources for students as they face the big bad world. In this year’s annual round-up of private schools in Atlanta, we asked about the resources available to kids to help manage…