Acclaimed Atlanta Author Makes Fiction Debut

Thirteen-year-old Lulu Hurst shares a special connection with her disabled younger brother Leo, but she has big dreams of a future far away from her rural north Georgia home—a future where she will not become her brother’s sole caregiver. Yearning to see the world and thankful for her ability to change her family’s dire financial situation, Lulu agrees to follow…

Backyard Bliss

A backyard can be a place to grill out and fight off mosquitoes or it can serve as a veritable oasis. When it comes to creating an outdoor living experience that comfortably welcomes friends and family during the summer and year-round, think beyond the grass and consider incorporating elements that turn your humble backyard into an entertainment and relaxation station.

That’s my mom, Emily.

My mom Emily kept a pink Avon lipstick, clear plastic rain hat, white comb, A&P coupons and a few clean tissues in her purse at all times. She wore an apron on Sundays when she made dinner, still dressed for church where she sang in the choir and taught Sunday school.  She served on the  … Continued

May 2019 Around Town

 Georgia wants YOU to be a Dementia Friend An estimated 5.4 million Americans are living with dementia, and it’s likely you will encounter someone at the park, the bank, the grocery, or your gym.  Georgia held the Inaugural Dementia Friends Champion training at the Emory Center for Brain Health and wants to share how you … Continued

Indescribable Gala

Keynote speaker Louie Giglio was the highlight of this luxurious gala at the Marriott Alpharetta.  Proceeds benefited A Beacon of Hope in order to provide free medical care and parenting education to new families and to give their babies a healthy start in life.

Providing Compassionate Care for Women

Dr. Carla Roberts wants to change the world through compassionate care… and she’s succeeding through her association with Northside Hospital-Forsyth.

LoverlyGrey Loves Alpharetta

Spring is a time to refresh, kick off the cobwebs and breathe in some fresh air. In Alpharetta, there are plenty of places to enjoy the beautiful weather while sipping a latte, shopping for your spring wardrobe, or grabbing a drink with friends.

Smart Cars

Here are three 2019 automobiles that we chose for this women's issue for their handling, special features, pricing, and simply because the driver sits higher up for better visibility.

Expertise Matters

100,000 miles... That’s nearly four times the distance around the equator, more than 211 million steps, and the combined length of all the blood vessels in an average adult human body. Along those 100,000 miles of minuscule arteries, veins and capillaries, a vast array of conditions may occur that require the expertise of a vascular surgeon.