Going Green

Living Sustainably in Style Article Nicolette Martin Did you know that in 2016, world plastic production totaled around 335 million metric tons, according to the Earth Day Network? Although you probably can’t singlehandedly change the environmental toll of the amount of plastic pollution that comes from that kind of number, we’ve rounded up a few … Continued

Hushed in Miramar Beach

It’s very easy to talk about how busy our lives are, needing more time to relax or wishing we had more vacation time. But when we actually some time away from our hectic schedules, it’s even more difficult to unwind these days. I’ve heard many people say that it takes them several days at the beginning of a vacation just…

Eco-Living Inspiration

From cleaning to decor and design, these books can help you reduce waste and daily chemical exposures while living a more sustainable and intentional lifestyle.

Junior Gadiators Groom Girls For Lacrosse Success

Atlanta’s suburbs are a hotbed for niche sports like lacrosse, one of the oldest team sports and fastest growing sports in North America. It is quickly spreading to Georgia and is hitting an all-time high in areas like Alpharetta and Johns Creek.  According to Global Sports Matters, since 2001, lacrosse has added more than half a million participants from youth to the…

Try Before You Buy

Atlanta’s Sub-Zero, Wolf, and Cove showroom provides one of the most unique, customer-friendly experiences available for shoppers anywhere. Based in Buckhead’s bustling Terminus Atlanta complex, the renowned Chef George Laudun recently engaged 15 prospective and returning patrons with another one of his mouth-watering, multiple-course cooking demonstrations using solely the company’s state-of-the-art appliances sold on site. Sizzling sea scallops sautéed to…

Spring With Summer Classics

Summer Classics Home Atlanta has been a partner with Polo in the Pines, contributing beautiful outdoor seating to the event that has raised $345,000 for pediatric brain cancer research through The Sharon McCollum Knight, Polo in the Pines Pediatric Cancer Research Fund at Children's Healthcare of Atlanta. 

Spring? Is that you?

I hate paper towels. I buy two rolls each year, just before Thanksgiving. With more meals being prepared by more hands in the kitchen, I bow down to the handiness of these earth crushing rectangles of convenient absorbency. The two rolls last until February or so. Then, it’s back to using dish clothes, towels and … Continued

April 2019 Around Town

Interactive Flooring Flack’s Flooring has just completed renovating it’s one of a kind interactive showroom. This 5,000-square-foot space allows shoppers to see, feel and walk on all the newest trends in floor covering. “Our client’s biggest concern is choosing the right flooring for their home. It’s a major decision that will be in their home for … Continued

Let the Sunshine In

While we often focus on the big changes we can make in our home, sometimes it’s smaller ones that make all the difference. Window treatments are one of those things. New blinds can improve your daily life, lower your energy bills, and keep your family safer, too. Plus, they can make your home look fantastic.

Bridgeway Christian Academy’s 20th Celebration

Bridgeway Christian Academy celebrated 20 years of Christ-centered education. Now in their 21st, BCA is looking forward to many more wonderful years. Bridgeway Christian Academy is a covenant, Christian preschool through 8th grade private school located off Kimball Bridge Road in Alpharetta.