Five Tips for a Happy Life from Man’s Best Friend

Ask anyone what their goal is in life and their answer will probably be, “To be happy.” If our dogs could talk, they would share five reasons we can improve our happiness through their example. Here is a snippet of that conversation.

Making Dogs Her Life

"I think you missed your calling,” a career counselor told Melissa Hampton Perlman in 2009. She laughs remembering her initial reaction: “I have a calling? How can you tell over the phone?” That conversation revealed Melissa could turn her hobby—taking care of friends’ and neighbors’ pets and homes while they were away—into a business. “I had never thought about it…

Hello, AL!

When we moved last year, a scrawny orange tabby held court on the front porch while we got settled. The kids insisted we feed him. I checked with our new neighbors, the former resident of the house and the online neighborhood community to see if anyone was hunting for the friendly house cat. No takers. When my husband scooped up…

April 2017 Around Town

Getting ready to serve seniors and their families in the beautiful new community, The Phoenix at Milton celebrates with a VIP party. In addition to professionals, business leaders and their founding new residents, Senator John Albers joined the celebration and ribbon cutting with CEO Jesse Marinko. The Phoenix at Milton wants every resident to live life to its fullest and…

Kids First

Fried food, sugary drinks and limited options...navigating the kid’s menu while adhering to healthy nutrition can be challenging. We tapped into the brains of two Northside Hospital outpatient dietitians and here they share their tips on how to make healthy choices while dining out with kids.

Pretty Pets

We know your pet is the prettiest, but aren't these guys cute, too? We met some precious pooches at the Newtown Dog Park in Alpharetta and wanted you to meet them, too. Share your favorite photos of your family furever friend on our Facebook page or send the editor a photo and tell us why your pet needs our love!

Peaceful Kids

Many kids today spend most of their time bouncing from one activity to the next, juggling multiple pieces of technology, and finishing the hours of homework they seem to get every night. The thought of adding one more thing to their schedule seems like it would be the thing that pushes them over the top. However, when that extra activity…

2017 Infiniti Q60 Red Sport 400

Infiniti has always impressed auto enthusiasts with their will to go the extra mile, assuring every model of their fleet combines luxury, finesse, power and technological advancement since boldly entering the market in the ‘90s. Lucky for us, brand-new models like this stunning 2017 Q60 Red Sport 400 coupe sustains the automaker’s prestigious reputation. Presented in an astounding ten different…

Dear Papa Jim,

We love your magazines! We heard this issue was all about kids and pets. Since we are your biggest fans (and your favorite grand daughters), we wanted to say how much we love you!

Ready. Set. Renovate.

For anyone looking to upgrade their humble (or not so humble) abode, there are many things that can be done when it comes to home renovations. Adding some luxury touches in the bathroom, kitchen or the exterior of the house can bring significant return on investment.