Swim Across America

Celebrating 30 years of raising local funds for cancer research, prevention and treatment, Swim Across America (SAA) hosts swim-related events and open water swims coast-to-coast, and is returning for their 5th annual Atlanta Open Water Swim at Lake Lanier on September 23, 2017. What began as a one-time event in Nantucket in 1987 has evolved into over 100 annual events…

Sophomore’s Summer Playlist

I made this playlist two days after completing my second year at college. Sitting in the passenger seat on the way home, I added more than 70 songs to a playlist as the 1996 Chevy Suburban, that would later break down in Indianapolis, schlepped along the weathered Midwestern freeway. With each song I placed, I remembered the moment that was…

Find Local Flavor Slightly North 
of South-Peach & The Porkchop

On a bustling Sunday night, the dining room at Peach & the Porkchop was filled with all walks of life, from couples on date night and groups of friends to multigenerational families and toddlers in high chairs. All gather at this restaurant that boasts it is “slightly north of south,” poking fun at its location on the cusp of Roswell…

Festivals For The Rest of us

Are you ready for the second half of 2017? These food, beverage and music festivals will help you look forward to it! As the weather gets warmer and vacations become imperative after a long winter, here are some festivals throughout the nation—plus one north of the U.S. border—our travel expert Dennis Malcolm Byron--aka beer expert Ale Sharpton--strongly recommends especially for…

Dear Papa Jim,

We love your magazines! We heard this issue was all about kids and pets. Since we are your biggest fans (and your favorite grand daughters), we wanted to say how much we love you!

High’s Picks

Are you a wine lover? Then don’t miss “The Big One,” the 25th year of the High Museum Atlanta Wine Auction, March 22–25. The Auction is the largest charity wine auction in the United States benefiting the arts and the largest fundraising event for the High Museum of Art.

Sue’s picks for local spirits

Atlanta is flush with home-spun spirits. This isn't your grandpappy's moonshine, though. Distilleries like Old Fourth Distillery and American Spirit Whiskey are making us proud. This gin is one of my favorites, an impressive rich and smooth pour. Handcrafted Southern Dry Gin from Old Fourth Distillery is distilled from organic Italian wheat and vapor infused with fresh botanicals: juniper berries…

Blues Be Gone

Following the fun and festivities of the holiday season, mild depression or mental distress is common as many people find it difficult to get back into their normal daily lives. This is commonly referred to as holiday blues or post-holiday syndrome. It’s not unusual for a person suffering from the blues to behave erratically for the first few weeks after…

Unwrap and GO

For an all-around look, The Athletica collection from Saturdays by Kinnucan’s will be your go-to holiday grab. Included in the line are tank tops, capri and ankle length leggings, brightly colored sports bras and crop tops, ¼ zip jackets, and the terry-knit Mammoth pullover and jogger. Kinnucan’s at Avalon

November 2016 Parting Thoughts

Fulton Science Academy Private School celebrated FSA Cares for CURE, a month-long initiative of caring and kindness. Record-setting funds were raised by the kids.