Peering into Lapeer 

Trying to eat healthy can be a real challenge when dining out, but we found it easy at the new Alpharetta seafood restaurant, Lapeer. Inspired by the coast, this pretty spot creates an elevated beach feel with contemporary decor, serving fresh seafood.

Meet Jill M. Golsen D.M.D.

We had to pull teeth to get Dr. Jill Golsen to allow us to interview her about her life here in Alpharetta. We’re glad she did and want you to meet one of our community’s gems.

Om at Home

 1  Warrior 2 yoga pose which can be used for opening and reenergizing multiple tired muscles.  Build stamina, strengthens the arms, legs, spine and cultivates flexibility in the groins.  2

I want what she’s having

Gentlemen, how many of you look at your wife or girlfriend’s bathroom counter and see a mountain of mysterious skin care products? How many of you use nothing yourself, but have tried just about every one of those products when she’s not around to “test them out”? How many of you wonder if there is anything that YOU should be doing for…

Restoring Hair and Confidence

John Williamson hadn’t realized he was losing his hair until his wife took pictures of him at a brownie-eating contest at a festival. His head was down, and he came face-to-scalp with his thinning hair.

Hello Winter!

With temperatures dipping to 35 this month and hovering around 55, your skin will be battling the bracing weather AND the sun’s damaging rays. Winter is the perfect season to ramp up your moisturizing and take the time to repair and rejuvenate your skin.

Pet & Family Celebration

Family Tree Animal Clinic enjoyed a wonderful gathering with clients, patients, community, friends and family in July to celebrate their Grand Opening & Ribbon Cutting. Everyone had a wonderful time and Family Tree Animal Clinic is so excited to join our community "Together on the Journey of Care" for their pet companions! 13900 Birmingham Hwy, Milton.

Considering Ketamine

For those who struggle with depression or pain, oftentimes getting lukewarm results with their current 
medication, Ketamine might be the answer. Widely used in hospitals for anesthesia, it is on the World Health Organization’s list of essential medicines and was approved for use by the FDA in 1970.

Essential Oils For Men

Okay, guys, do you know that essential oils are great for MEN? Most of you probably have heard the ladies in your lives talking about essential oils and how amazing they are. Perhaps some aromatic and fragrant essential oils have even made their way into your home. But, did you know the health benefits of essential oils are vast and…

Safer Fall Road Trips

North Georgia is known for plenty of scenic motorcycle roads, and fall offers the ideal time for a Sunday ride. For riders from novice to expert, as well as their passengers, motorcycle safety provides the key to enjoyment. That can mean everything from wearing the right gear and brushing up on riding skills to putting a focus on visibility.