On the Nice List

What's on your holiday list this year? These are not the gifts you plan to give away, but rather the ones you actually want to receive! Tech gifts for the home? Luxury gifts to make you feel pampered? Delicious ones to fill your belly? Gifts to inspire creativity? We've got you covered! 

Missing Out on the Merry?

The holidays are a time of merriment, cheer, fun with family and friends, giving and receiving gifts and of course plenty of good food.  At least for some.

Bright and Merry

Take one look in Diane Johnson Interiors' Johns Creek store, and it's as if every single one of your creative dreams has magically swirled into reality. The holiday magic... the intricate hues... the way Diane Johnson herself has curated some of the most beautiful gifts and items that would help any home or hostess shine... It's almost like the elves themselves…

Nicole Jones

Growing up in the Atlanta area, Nicole Jones attended Pebblebrook High School’s performing arts program, but after graduation, her concentration in the arts took on a more visual nature. Jones enrolled at Bauder College and earned a degree in fashion merchandising, also learning design skills as part of her studies. 

Pack them up, move them out

When looking for value, safety, cargo space, and technology to name a few categories, here are three compact SUVs that will make a family’s driving experience even more enjoyable.

Lettuce Eat Healthy

Even as the farmers markets close for the season, North Fulton residents seeking healthier, tastier, locally-grown produce can still get lucky in the lettuce department. Thanks to hydroponics and the dedication of two people who are passionate about sustainable growing, this vital ingredient for salads, sandwiches and more can be had all year and even delivered to your door, or…

Where Chefs Eat

"One cannot think well, love well and sleep well if one has not dined well." Virginia Wolfe

Collaborate for Sweet Success

While a grass roots idea plants the seed, it is through the power of partnerships we discover our true potential.  

Modern Southern Cookbooks

Today’s cookbooks have evolved from difficult, text-heavy, picture-free collections to become beautiful modern storybooks. Southern cooking and baking has also evolved to include new ideas, fun trends, and daring spins on the classic comfort foods we know and love. Inspired by home cooks, chefs, and heirloom family recipes, the following three cookbook authors have put delicious twists on traditional Southern…

Cool Tech for Your Kitchen

Gone are the days when the only thing beeping in a kitchen is an egg timer! Check out out favorite gadgets to make cooking more fun and better looking.