Here Comes The Bride

Henderson Park Inn has officially welcomed a 37th room to their collection, the Serenity Suite. The Serenity Suite serves multiple purposes at Henderson Park Inn. It functions as a bridal suite – a space for brides to prepare for their wedding and a romantic accommodation for couples on their wedding night – for on-property weddings. It will also be available…

Saluting Style, Strength and Success

John and Mindy Cristiano have been in Alpharetta since 1997 and launched Atlanta Fitness in 2009, now with six One Life Fitness locations in the metro area. “At this stage of my life and with my kids out of the house, 21 years of constantly working from bell to bell my life is pretty complete, we have been blessed in…

Backyard, Your Way

A backyard can be a place to grill out and fight off mosquitoes, or it can serve as a veritable oasis. When it comes to creating an outdoor living experience that comfortably welcomes friends and family during the summer and year-round, think beyond the grass and consider incorporating elements that turn your humble backyard into an entertainment and relaxation station.

I want what she’s having

Gentlemen, how many of you look at your wife or girlfriend’s bathroom counter and see a mountain of mysterious skin care products? How many of you use nothing yourself, but have tried just about every one of those products when she’s not around to “test them out”? How many of you wonder if there is anything that YOU should be doing for…

LoverlyGrey Loves Alpharetta

Spring is a time to refresh, kick off the cobwebs and breathe in some fresh air. In Alpharetta, there are plenty of places to enjoy the beautiful weather while sipping a latte, shopping for your spring wardrobe, or grabbing a drink with friends.

Smart Cars

Here are three 2019 automobiles that we chose for this women's issue for their handling, special features, pricing, and simply because the driver sits higher up for better visibility.

Expertise Matters

100,000 miles... That’s nearly four times the distance around the equator, more than 211 million steps, and the combined length of all the blood vessels in an average adult human body. Along those 100,000 miles of minuscule arteries, veins and capillaries, a vast array of conditions may occur that require the expertise of a vascular surgeon.

Eco-Living Inspiration

From cleaning to decor and design, these books can help you reduce waste and daily chemical exposures while living a more sustainable and intentional lifestyle.

Let the Sunshine In

While we often focus on the big changes we can make in our home, sometimes it’s smaller ones that make all the difference. Window treatments are one of those things. New blinds can improve your daily life, lower your energy bills, and keep your family safer, too. Plus, they can make your home look fantastic.

Christine Pullara’s Picks

Christine Pullara Newton has worn many hats in her 25 years in television. From award-winning news anchor to freelance journalist to even commercial actor and model. In 1999, Christine began hosting the popular Treasure Makers show on HGTV for five years, among other shows on HGTV and other networks, E! Entertainment, FOX and The Living Network. In 2005, she moved to Atlanta…