Junior Gadiators Groom Girls For Lacrosse Success

Atlanta’s suburbs are a hotbed for niche sports like lacrosse, one of the oldest team sports and fastest growing sports in North America. It is quickly spreading to Georgia and is hitting an all-time high in areas like Alpharetta and Johns Creek.  According to Global Sports Matters, since 2001, lacrosse has added more than half a million participants from youth to the…

5 Secrets to Fab Food Photography

Food porn. It's all over social media. There's that spectacular piece of towering chocolate cake or the glistening lobster tail that makes you want to lick the butter off your iPhone screen. How do people who don't take photos for a living get these unbelievably delicious-looking shots? Local photographer, Aubry Canales, shares their secrets!

Making a Fabulous Life

For Charline Shelby, the path from the corporate world to a creative field involved small steps and a final leap of faith. She had started crafting jewelry as a hobby in 2008 and found it to be a therapeutic release from her position at an engineering firm. Although Shelby made individual pieces for family and friends, she had no thought…

From Brazil to Alpharetta, With Love

The name Chic Evolution in Art was chosen to represent the ever evolving nature of the Alpharetta gallery, which features modern sculptures, paintings, cast glass, crafts, collectibles and sophisticated furnishings. Owner and founder Ivan Pitoni has built a local, national and international clientele over the past 15 years, while being a true ambassador of pure passion, local art and giving…

Tuning Up for a Tenth Anniversary: “A Night at the Opera”

For the first time in a decade, opera is coming to the Johns Creek Symphony Orchestra (JCSO)—and you won’t have to be an opera fan, or even know the titles on the program, to enjoy the performances you’ll hear, says Executive Director Sue Haggerty,

Stadium Spirit

Ken Small of Alpharetta discovered a way to capture his childhood memories and passion for stadiums and bring them to life in a seventh grade required wood shop class. While most of his peers constructed standard bookcases as their final project, Ken meticulously recreated the horseshoe shaped Georgia Tech football stadium in multiple layers of wood.