Living here in Georgia, our summer continues right into August (and really, into September). Aren’t we lucky?  I know the heat can be a bit overwhelming, but now with the kids back in school, parents can find their own summer groove. 

It’s a great time to find your favorite spa, yoga class, coffee spot or volunteer opportunity and make your days all your own. 

I’ll be doing some traveling, heading out to Asheville, the north Georgia mountains (Jackson County has tons going on), Southeastern Tennessee and to Kansas City to visit my grandson (he’s four months old now!).

I also have two kids in college and my back-to-school shopping now includes second-hand furniture for apartments, full length down coats (my daughter is in NYC) and laptops (ka-ching). Gone are the days of number two pencils and 3-ring notebooks. 

I hope you enjoy this issue and especially our annual private school report. This year, we asked how teachers and administrators are helping kids cope with stress and pressure. It’s a good read.


Keep cool!





PS That’s me at the helm of my buddy’s J105 that I sail all summer!