A male patient’s perspective on anti-aging options

Gentlemen, how many of you look at your wife or girlfriend’s bathroom counter and see a mountain of mysterious skin care products? How many of you use nothing yourself, but have tried just about every one of those products when she’s not around to “test them out”? How many of you wonder if there is anything that YOU should be doing for your skin, but are too afraid to ask? Well, now is the time to discover options designed just for us.  

It may not be everyday locker-room or board-room talk, but there are a variety of male-focused solutions to aging, sweating, wrinkles, tired eyes, beer bellies, facial redness, and hair in both wanted and unwanted places. Personally, I went to Aesthetic Specialty Centre for an appointment and was amazed at the options that exist for both women, and men like myself. I even sat next to a fellow husband in the waiting room awaiting his treatment! 

I find it incredible that I can minimize fat through CoolSculpting, reduce the tired look around my eyes through radiofrequency treatments, treat thinning hair with laser treatments, stop wrinkles and excessive sweating with Botox, and so much more.  After meeting with a provider, I now understand different options available to maintain a youthful and masculine appearance. These solutions have enhanced my confidence in business, social outings, and everyday life.

Over the years, we men have given into pedicures, massages, and waxing for self-care, but now it’s time to consider more advanced solutions. There are so many options that we are not taking advantage of due to fear, misunderstanding, and other excuses. Stop making those excuses and visit a provider today. You will never look back! 

John (name changed) is a client at Aesthetic Specialty Centre, ASC-PSD.com

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