The Eating Disorders Information Network (EDIN) was founded in 1996 by Atlanta psychologist Dina Zeckhausen.  In its early days, Dina built a website to make it easier for those struggling to find help and also for industry professionals to find resources.  Today, EDIN’s outreach has expanded to a broad network of schools, community groups and corporations, focusing on education, awareness, and early intervention. 

EDIN’s largest fundraiser is on April 14 at The Buckhead Theater, the 9th Celebrity Dance Challenge. Dancers include Atlanta personalities, Shelly Brown, ​Linda Buchanan, Davi Crimmins, Carlus Houston, ​Moe Mitchell, Stephen Moleski and Thomas Roberts, each paired with professional dancers to provide an entertaining show for a good cause.

Today, in the era of social media, research suggests that the chances for developing a negative body image and an eating disorder are significantly higher. Social media has become a new avenue in which people compare themselves with others and question their appearance and body image. Societal pressures for perfection create anxiety and unrealistic expectations of themselves.  Another gateway to eating disorders is the proliferation of “wellness” diets such as Keto, Paleo and Whole 30 which are highly restrictive. For certain individuals, these strict eating regimes can lead to the obsessive thoughts and behaviors that characterize an eating disorder. Therapists working with EDIN can help folks discern whether their extreme approach to physical health is negatively impacting their mental health.

It is a very serious mental illness and someone dies of an eating disorder every 62 minutes.

Today, under the direction of new Executive Director Marci Soran, EDIN has a fresh business approach to spreading the word.  Marci Soran comes to EDIN after her son suffered from an eating disorder in 2016 and her entrepreneurial business background and commitment to the cause bring a fresh approach to the day-to-day running of the non-profit.