Supplementing a Better Life 1

Meet Raul Hiteshew, the owner of HiveFit

With today’s fast pace, supplements are becoming more necessary to maintain a healthy lifestyle. However, according to bodybuilding coach, nutrition expert, supplement formulator and owner of Alpharetta, GA-based HiveFit—Raul Hiteshew—he and his wife Ashlyn go the extra mile to provide customers a more health-conscious, higher quality product than the majority of competitors. To add, Raul—a native of Venezuela—serves on a global level with his HiveFit Foundation Child Famine Relief Initiative. Read on as Raul discusses his amazing products, and why he chose Alpharetta to set up shop.

“HiveFit is an all-natural supplement company and we source worldwide as opposed to from a manufacturer,” Raul says. “This allows us to get the absolute best quality and potency on each ingredient. We only use necessary ingredients; no fillers, flowing agents, etc. We also have 100-percent transparency, which means we don’t hide anything, no proprietary blends, or hidden ingredients.

“Our most popular supplements are the protein powders followed by the pre-training formulas,” Raul continues. “Our proteins are all natural and come from grass-fed, non-gmo cows. We have almost nonexistent lactose levels, and they are 100-percent isolated, while maintaining the highest level of nutrition. It’s amino acid profile almost mimics the human profile as well, making this highly bio-available and digestible.”

And why Alpharetta to set up shop? Laughing, Raul says, “What’s not to love about Alpharetta? There is a very strong sense of community and a culture of its own. I love the people, it’s close enough to Atlanta, yet far enough, it has the best school system in the state, amazing restaurants, farm houses, and plenty of events to keep you entertained. It is the perfect city all-around for any age group!”

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