With temperatures dipping to 35 this month and hovering around 55, your skin will be battling the bracing weather AND the sun’s damaging rays. Winter is the perfect season to ramp up your moisturizing and take the time to repair and rejuvenate your skin.

Depending on your age, the amount of sun damage sustained over the years and genetics (and your budget!), you can consider different levels of restoration from a med spa. We asked Jill Garver, spa director at The Graivier Center, what the non-surgical options are for our faces. And, since this is the season of giving, may I suggest you profess a little self love and book an appointment with one of Jill’s aestheticians to find out your formula for fabulous.


“We take into consideration not only each patient’s needs, but also their budget,” says Jill, Master Licensed Medical Aesthetician and Laser Specialist. “Then, after a treatment, we look at our various lines of products and balance the budget where it’s needed most – whether that’s a moisturizer, cleanser or something like vitamin C.”   

There’s a range of treatments to consider for winter skin, says Jill.

1) Dermaplane smooths and exfoliates the surface of the skin by removing dead epidermal skin cells and unwanted peach fuzz with a special razor. This is a treat, as there is no downtime and no discomfort. It’s a smooth glow.

2) For my 50-something, sun-kissed face, we skipped to a more aggressive PCA exfoliating peel. Jill added a “booster,” which accelerated the exfoliating properties. My peel was a medium power peel and took a half hour. I had light peeling on days 5 through 13, with glowing results.

Even more effective is an IPL (Intense Pulsed Light) photofacial. “This is a go-to for pigment repair and age spots,” says Jill.