Find out where you’ll catch Alpharetta chefs when they aren’t the ones cooking.

“One cannot think well, love well and sleep well if one has not dined well.” Virginia Wolfe

No one understands this quote better than those who spend their lives and make their livelihood based on creating spectacularly delicious food. But where do chefs and restaurateurs eat when they aren’t the ones making the food? What foods do they dream about someone else cooking for them? We caught up with four local chefs/restaurant owners to find out. You may be surprised at some of the answers and glean some new places to check out for yourself!

1. Where do you eat when you’re not cooking for yourself? And what’s your favorite meal there?

Cameron Udick, Executive Sous Chef, Chateau Elan Winery & Resort: When I’m not cooking at home, my fiancée and I love to explore all the unexpected ‘pop-ups’ that seem to appear all around Atlanta nowadays. The menus are small but truly showcase the local chef’s talents. I like to get one of everything! My favorite thing on the menu is always something I’ve never tried before. I’m always looking for new ideas, new flavors or a unique spin on a classic dish.

Shaun Doty, Chef, King Barbecue: Mamak off Buford Highway. My favorite meal is Roti Canai. This is a type of crepe served with curry sauce. You tear the crepe with your hands and dip it into the sauce. Yum.

Carey Wise, Pit Master and Managing Partner, King Barbecue: Havana Sandwich Shop off Buford Highway. My favorite meal is Medianoche full sandwich combo.

Stella Lee, Owner, ARI Korean Steakhouse: I love traveling and trying new cuisine. I try to find local food that local people enjoy. One of my favorite restaurants in Atlanta is Kimball House in Decatur. Not only are their oysters and cocktails the best, all of their menu is on point. And of course, ARI Korean Steakhouse has the best Korean food in town! I never get tired of the menu. At ARI Korean Steakhouse I have Galbi, Wagyu, Beef Tartare. And the small bar snacks. At Kimball House I have oysters, Kimball House Signature Cocktail (only cocktail I drink in town), Bar Steak, and Hawaiian Roll.

2. What do you look for when deciding where to eat?

UDICK: Often I read about a new restaurant on social media and I am instantly dying to try it. Great chefs make great food and if I’ve heard of or know the chef at the helm, I’m sold.

DOTY: Freshness and a good value.

WISE: Authentic cuisine, great customer service and a clean restaurant.

LEE: I myself am a designer so I definitely check out places with great design and ambiance, but they don’t always have good food. I look for the quality of food and authenticity of the cuisine when I try to find really good place to eat.

3. If you could eat anywhere in the world and any dish in the world, what and where would that be?

UDICK: Next spring, my fiancee and I are planning a foodie trip to Tokyo. We plan on eating at every ramen bar and sushi house we can find. I can not think of a better vacation

DOTY: The pressed duck at La Tour D’Argent. This is a famous, old, historic restaurant in Paris. The pressed duck dish is a well known signature dish.

WISE The jerk baby back ribs from Hometown Barbecue in NYC. It has amazing flavor, a great atmosphere and always perfectly cooked.

LEE:I love so many different places. French, Italian, Japanese, Thai, Vietnamese …but of course my soul food would be in Korea. I can eat the fresh seafood near the harbor in Korea everyday.