Local photographer, Aubry Canales, dishes on how to take the best food photos.

Food porn. It’s all over social media. There’s that spectacular piece of towering chocolate cake or the glistening lobster tail that makes you want to lick the butter off your iPhone screen. How do people who don’t take photos for a living get these unbelievably delicious-looking shots? Local photographer, Aubry Canales, shares their secrets!

Aubry is a Johns Creek resident, mom of three, and owner of Aubry Canales Photography. She specializes in unusual and unique photo compositions for corporate clients as well as individuals, emphasizing her graphic design background. Through years of hard-earned experience, she has learned the ins and outs of taking the best photos of just about anything. Here are her tips.


5 Tips for Fab Food Photography

  1. It’s hard but try to photograph your food before you start eating it. Presentation is everything for chefs so showcase what they give you.
  2. Use different angles. Go ahead and get your phone/camera down on the table so you are on the same level as the food. Or take the photo from directly above if there is a unique design to show off.
  3. Get up close. Food often has great textures that we overlook. Most cameras have a “portrait/macro” mode which helps you focus on something closer, while putting the background slightly out of focus. It creates a fantastic effect.
  4. Always be conscious of the background when taking the photograph. Move glasses, silverware and other items out of the background. This will simplify your photo. Also, just tweaking your camera angle slightly can change the background.
  5. Lighting is everything!  If you have natural light, use it! If you need light, try not to use the flash on your phone/camera. Instead, have a friend turn their phone’s flashlight on and light the food at an angle from above. This trick also works really well when taking photos of people too.

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