There are thousands of books written for kids, parents, and families covering every aspect of children and pets. The three releases we are highlighting in this issue focus on youth activism, child psychology, and discussing the difficult topic of death with a child. We invite you to visit one of our local bookstores to purchase these releases, receive additional suggestions, and for all your other summer reading needs. 


You Are Mighty: A Guide to Changing the World 

by Caroline Paul, Illustrated by Lauren Tamaki 

Do you know a young person who is passionate about politics, dedicated to saving the environment, or outspoken about animal rights? This practical (and fun!) manual is full of tips, anecdotes, and DIY activities for young activists looking to change the world.


A Practical Guide to Child Psychology: Understand Your Kids and Enjoy Parenting 

by Kairen Cullen

Full of case studies, easy-to-follow exercises, and useful ideas, this fresh and accessible collection of insights from parenting and child development experts will help parents enjoy their children while learning to love the ups and downs of parenting.


The Day We Lost Pet 

by Chuck Young, Illustrated by Aniela Sobieski

Harnessing the language of poetry, science, and nature, the story of an endearing balloon family’s loss of their beloved Pet provides a unique, nonreligious way to discuss death and grief and help understand one of life’s most difficult moments.