Don’t judge me.

I don’t like cats. They are moody, bossy and aren’t always thoughtful when it comes to choosing the best spot to leave their mark. 

But, we have three at our house since everyone else loves cats. And, we’ve always had a cat, adopting them from friends and shelters.

Johnny (named after the Die Hard hero) is aloof and knocks things over whenever he feels like eating. Tommy (Capt. Thomas J. Peppercorn III) is a gorgeous ginger tabby who catches varmints and brings them in for appreciation. Tanque (short for Tanqueray) was on our porch when we moved in.  After we chased down his owner via the cat’s implanted chip, we knew he was here to stay when the owner reported, “Oh, that cat died.” Tanque is, perhaps, a ghost. 

But, no matter how many times I vacuum the cat hair off the furniture for the last time, get up in the middle of the night to let in a meowing brat or Google, “how to get rid of cat urine stench,” I can’t seem to live without cats.  They bring joy to my husband and kids. They provide hours of Instagram footage. They complete our family.

For this issue, we are all about kids and pets. 

Enjoy our feature about the creative fundraisers happening this fall at the many private schools in our neighborhood. If your kids go to a different school, that’s good news for me! Please become my reporter and send me event and school news throughout the year. We want to cover all the good things happening with all our students.

Go pet your dog or cat and hug a child in your family and let them know they are important. I guess I’ll do the same…