Saluting our Veterans 7

Everyone has a story to tell.

These veterans served our country during epic world struggles and now reside at the lovely Mansions at Alpharetta.

At The Mansions, the focus is on on positive, healthy and enriching activities for all residents. An activities director crafts the schedule based on the residents’ likes and preferences, and of course there are plenty of opportunities for health and fitness activities. Especially popular are the entertainment events, visiting artists and social activities, many of which are guided or organized by residents.

We salute these vets for sharing their stories!

Franklin E. Dailey, Jr., 97

U.S Navy, 23 years

I received a Letter of Commendation with 5 Battle Stars


Wayne Risner, 86

U.S. Army, 2 years

Served in the Korean War 1952 –  1953; Automatic Weapons Batallion; Close Infantry Support

I remember cold winters, hot summers, large mosquitoes, c-ration food and thousands of Chinese soldiers facing us.


Robert O. Blackington, 90

10 years in Korea, U.S. Navy, Carrier Aviation, 2 Air Medals, 2 Med cruises, Flight Instructor

Our “enemy” was the 300,000 Chinese volunteers.  It was 50 degrees, and our Skipper ran into a piece of cable strung across a valley by the Chinese volunteers and spent the rest of the war as a POW.


Douglas Walser, 87

U.S. Army, 2 years

I had a very good job and enjoyed my time in the service.


Charles A. “Casey” Stengel, 92

U.S. Navy, WW2, 2 years

I was on a light cruiser in San Francisco Bay.  I never went to sea, but hoped to be Navy pilot.  Unfortunately, they no longer needed pilots.  I entered the Navy a Seaman 2nd Class, and left a Seaman 2nd Class.


Gordon Fowler, 90

U.S. Navy, 1 year/1 month/11 days; VA Recreation Department

I enjoyed my time and got a college education.


William “Bill” Blake, 84

U.S. Air Force, 1952 – 1956; Electronic Countermeasures, B-29 & B-47 Bombers, Okinawa


Jerry Keever

U.S. Airforce, 1955 – 1559; he was an instructor with a Mobile Training Unit, teaching the operation and repair of various systems on the C-124 Globemaster Aircraft


Charles E. Vaught, 85

U.S. Army, 1952 – 1954; Army Reserves, 1955 – 1962; Active Reserve U.S. Coast Guard, 1975 – 1992. 


Thomas Ray Tucker, 84

U.S. Army, 1957-1959

Center Command, Ft. Benning, GA

Commended for Good Conduct

I “put the bite in the fighting man.”

John Rudy, 87

U.S. Army, Civil Affairs and Military; Government Signal Corps; Ft. Gordon, GA; Specialist in Occupation Government training



William A. Ferguson, 86

U.S. Air Force, 26 years; served in Guam, 2 tours in Vietnam.  Flight Engineer for C-130’s, which was the seat between pilot and co-pilot, eventually replaced by computers.

I taught the “Snatch and Drag” process that was used during the Vietnam War.


Luther “Red” Hornberger, 91

U.S. Army, 1944 – 1946; served in France, Belgium, Luxemburg as 1st Squad Anti Tank Platoon, 2nd Infantry Regiment Master Sgt.

Received Army of Occupation medal, European-African-Middle Eastern Campaign Medal, Good Conduct Medal, WW2 Victory Medal

I was drafted at the age of 18, taken out of 12th grade, supervising 50 enlisted men in the inspection, repair and maintenance of military wheel vehicles.


Don Perrotti, 86  

U.S. Navy, ship USS English 696

Frank Norton, 92

U.S. Army Airforce, Cadet I7.  I was sent to University of ARK for CDT training, sent to Pampa, TX, where I was assigned to Ft. Worth AAB to supervise 100 men as acting 1st Sgt.

I remember returning from Europe for retraining on the B-29 and B-32.  From there, I was sent to Sioux Falls for discharge.


Richard Clock, 85

Served in Army Medical Corps 3 years, plus reserve, in hospitals.  Sharp shooter, TNG.

I was happy to care for the wounded


Harben Kay, 90

U.S. Army, 2 years; served in Korea at 934th Engineer Aviation Group


Mansions at Alpharetta

Senior Independent Living, 3700 Brookside Parkway, Alpharetta

Assisted Living and Memory Care, 3675 Old Milton Parkway, Alpharetta

I was drafted at 18, taken out of 12th grade, supervising 50 enlisted men in the inspection, repair and maintenance of military wheeled vehicles.