Incredible Women!

Meet five females who mean business


The Doctor

Jill Golsen, Cosmetic and Restorative dentist, Golsen Family Dentistry

Giving back: I was in the Junior League, now I donate more than volunteer. I donate monthly to four different charities. I participate in the GA Mission of Mercy. A dental weekend that thousands of patients are treated for free. We all in the dental community volunteer our time.

Motivator: I have always been a positive person. After going through breast cancer years ago you always have something to be thankful for…Life and hair again!

Recharging: I love Cru at Avalon or the Club House at CCOS.

Favorite lunch: Wildfour on Windward or Tuscany Café and Bistro on Mill Creek.


The Fitness Guru

Tina Strawn, mom to 3 millennials, fitness & yoga instructor

Giving back: Georgia Equality, Pretty Girls Sweat, Essence Johnson for HD45, Stacey Abrams for Governor, Wanderlust Atlanta 108

Motivator? I attend local yoga classes because I know teachers will help me tap into my soul to get me centered and back on track with remembering who I am and what’s important to me. My students motivate me too.

Recharging: Sitting on my favorite chair in our living/sitting room at home with the patio doors open to our deck or going for a walk around the Avalon.

Favorite lunch: 3:8 Juice & Eatery forjuices and their Acai Power Bowls or Bezoria


The Teacher

Katey Graves, Preschool teacher, Creme de la Creme Haynes Bridge

Giving back: Stonecreek Church with our Elementary and Middle School students. I work with our children’s worship team on Sunday mornings and lead a group of 8th grader girls on Wednesday nights.

Motivator: My family is my biggest source of motivation; either with words of encouragement or a swift kick in the rear. I can always depend on my family to keep me going.

Recharging: I love to walk, whether on the greenways, or the aisles of Target. Walking calms my mind and helps me to refocus.

Favorite lunch: Smoke Jack for the best banana pudding.


The Teacher

Jeanne Stewart, Preschool teacher, Creme de la Creme Haynes Bridge

Giving back: I have 2 children who attend Milton High School. I volunteer there when needed. I’ll be helping with graduation events this May, hoping to get through it without too many tears.

Motivator: I turn to to my friends for advice or just a good strong cocktail. I moved here 12 years ago and knew 1 person, now I have a group of strong and dependable women by my side here in Alpharetta.

Recharging: Crabapple Chase Subdivision Tennis.

Favorite lunch: Flatlands Bourbon & Bayou


The Entertainer

Lee Chadwick, author and owner of The Metropolitan Club

Giving back: The Foster Care Support Foundation helps 500 kids/week. The Roswell Child Development Center helps poor working families get quality early ed.

Motivator: I yearn to be useful and try to use my time and resources wisely to be valuable.

Recharging: Meditation helps me find what I’m looking for. I love to cook and entertain. We live on a lake so feeling the sun on my face, looking out at the water is inspiring.

Favorite lunch: Antica Posta Restaurant reminds me of being in Italy and The Lobster Bar gives out-of-town guests a cosmopolitan taste of Atlanta.


The Doctor

Raven Elosiebo-Walker, MD, Aesthetic Specialty Centre

Giving back: I enjoy community outreach with my church and providing info at health fairs nearby.

Motivator: I find it in my family and in my work. As a dermatologist, patient satisfaction is always a top goal which motivates me to be thorough, efficient, informative and leave my patients with the best experience possible

Recharging: Spending time with family and friends. Getting that warm, positive energy in a relaxing environment with people that I care about the most is very energizing for me.

Favorite lunch: Taqueri Tsunami or a salad from Zaxby’s