Spring is here and with that comes spring cleaning of our homes and workspaces.

While making your space tidy you can also make a decision to help our environment and recycle those unwanted items like clothes, electronics, metals, cardboard, plastic, and paint.

With the annual Earth Day Celebration at the City of Milton and around our community on April 21, I would like to encourage you to begin small subtle changes in your daily routine to recycle more at home and at work.  Turn off lights when you leave the room. Maybe even begin composting your food scraps, and before you know it,  with small steps, your modified new behavior will have you on the path to living more sustainable.

There are several recycling centers and drop off facilities in and around Alpharetta to take advantage of, such as Atlanta Recycling Solutions AtlantaRecyclingSolutions.com, that can handle all your electronics, destroy all your data, and do it responsibly. They work with companies and individuals.

Take a drive into the city of Atlanta, and visit the CHaRM Center for Hard to Recycle Materials.

LiveThrive.org is a gem of a facility that handles everything you can think of to be recycled, and they re-purpose all materials received.

Finally, for all your old clothing, check out CharityRecyclingService.com. They will collect your textiles and pay you for them. This is a great fundraiser for schools, churches or non-profit organizations that are looking to help our environment while raising cash for projects. Contact ABurroughs@CharityRecyclingService.com.

Now all that recycling may make you hungry. For sustainable food choices, get out on Saturday mornings and visit the Alpharetta Farmers Market in downtown Alpharetta for farm fresh vegetables, fruits, meats, local raw honey, homemade sauces and even soaps. We love our local farmers and makers. Check out Maria Smith’s story in this issue for who is growing what this season. 

Happy spring! And here’s to living a more sustainable lifestyle.