A friendly little gecko scampered across the sun-drenched wall around the pool where I lay reading the third novel of my spring break vacation in Seagrove, Florida. Besides the song of a resident male cardinal serenading his girl, the afternoon was still and quiet. Just the way I like it. 

Sure, the beach a few blocks away across 30A was popping, and tan teens were bouncing off each other in Seaside, down the street, but I didn’t hear boo.

I heard myself sigh and settled into a state of doing nothing while being ok with it. 

You know how hard that is.

The kids were happy to toggle between spring break antics, skimboarding and playing video games or watching The Office mindlessly in the super sweet family room. (After all, it was THEIR break, too.)

My husband had finished a few chapters while stretched out on the mammoth white twill slipcovered sofa and biked up to Goatfeathers Seafood Market for fresh fish for the grill on the patio later. I was willing to commit to moving from my padded lounger to the other side of the deck for dinner. Followed by a moonlit walk on the beach.


We found Heavenly Hideaway on VRBO. It is an unlikely 30A rental, void of any suburb-like proximity to the gigantic cookie-cutter hulks that fill the busy roads near the beach. It’s tucked away on a corner lot behind tall palms and thoughtful landscaping, just four blocks east of Seaside in Old Seagrove, a neighborhood that still feels like somewhere you’d like to spend more than a few weeks. The shady dirt roads are narrow, quiet and inviting. Perfect for an after-dinner walk. 

Speaking of dinner, while there’s no shortage of dining and drinking destinations at the string along 30A (Rosemary Beach, Ayls Beach, Seagrove, Seaside, Watercolor, Grayton), the newly renovated kitchen at this house makes it easy (and even fun) to stay in and cook. One can slice, dice and peel while daydreaming (be careful), watching the sun dance on the pool through the floor to ceiling sliders at the other end of the room. The skylights over the gas range keeps the efficient kitchen flooded with light, too.  With three en suite bedrooms, plus two twins in the media room, this family-friendly ranch home feels more like a resort than a rental. Book it if you can!