7 Tips To Get Your Home Ready To Sell – from Rhonda Shell Real Estate

Nine years ago, when my husband presented the opportunity to move from our small town in Michigan to Atlanta, I was not that thrilled. Not only would I have to leave my job at the newspaper and say goodbye to my family and friends in our small town, I’d have to get our big house ready to put on the market. The market was not optimal and our realtor was not as aggressive as we needed.  I wish I would have had these smart tips, offered by the pros at Rhonda Shell Real Estate, to help me prepare to list our home.

This month, as spring winks at us, perhaps you’re considering making a change.  If so, tear this page from the magazine (it’s ok, I don’t mind) and post it as a beacon for help. You can do it!  And, when in doubt, call in design specialists like those in Rhonda Shell’s office for the very best results.

1. Curb Appeal – You only get one chance for a first impression so be sure the first thing prospective buyers see of your home entices them to want to see more. This includes fresh landscaping, a clean roof, and a pressure washed exterior.

2.  Less is more – Minimize your furnishings and accessory collections and make all of the spaces in your home look and feel more spacious. Buyers are very visual and they will try to see their furnishings and family in the home. Spend time cleaning out your closets. Organized closets leave buyers with the impression that you have plenty of storage space.

3. Clean – You want your home to look clean and smell fresh. Have a professional cleaner do a deep cleaning including windows and carpets.

4. Lighting – Bright light and open windows always make the property look and feel inviting for buyers.

5. Repairs – Are there any repairs that need to be addressed before placing your home on the market? Go through each room with a fine tooth comb and be vigilant. Look at the house through the eyes of a stranger. Do all the doors open and close efficiently? Look and listen for drips. The small crack in that one window or tile you can live with may put someone off. 

6. Paint – Update with fresh paint using neutral colors to appeal to the masses. This is the most inexpensive way to update and makes the biggest impact.

7. Stage – A professional design specialist can enhance your home with new ideas for your furniture and accessory arrangement with tips to showcase and maximize your homes best features. Sure, watching football may be a priority, but does that big old chair make the most of your family room’s space?