Teamwork and Community Make This Business Strong 1

For over 12 years, Rhonda Shell has worked with Keller Williams Realty in the greater Atlanta area. Built over the past two years, her team–Rhonda Shell Real Estate–is based right here in Alpharetta. She takes pride in her predominantly referral-based business, which is a true reflection of the trust and long-term relationships that she has established over the years with clients. Meet Rhonda and find out what makes her team click.

AL: What makes your team unique? 

RS: I am fortunate to lead a successful and efficient in-house team who share their talents in marketing, design and client relations. We bring an expertise, mastery and passion to this business that help people have a successful outcome in one of the largest financial transactions during their lifetime.

AL: You obviously value your employees. How do you show your appreciation?

RS: I love to show my appreciation for my team members. This is the best part! I give tickets to the Fox Theater and other Atlanta venues. I often hold staff meetings at local restaurants and treat them to lunch. One fun experience this summer stands out: I took my team to The Dry Bar in Avalon and afterward handed them $100 each and told them they had 20 minutes to spend it and meet back at CRU to show off their gifts. If they didn’t spend the money they had to give it back to me. It was so much fun watching their faces break out in big smiles and run off to shop. They do such hard work for both me and my clients, it made me happy to do something special for them. 

AL: Giving back is important to us. How does your business contribute to the community that supports you?

RS: Philanthropy is very important in my life.  I love community involvement, sports and education. I am a supporter of community events, athletic teams and sponsoring scholarships for kids to attend YMCA summer camps. I currently donate on a regular basis to local schools from elementary to high school, churches and Angels Among Us. Nationally, I donate to Wounded Warriors, The Red Cross, ASPCA, Keller Williams Cares and also several of my client’s charities of choice. Supporting is not just a donation. It is about making a difference.