If your New Year’s resolutions include a declaration to get off the couch and spend more time away from the computer screen, 2018 might be the perfect year to create a better and healthier you. Living in the South provides a change of seasons, but also 12 months of possible outdoors time to not only explore, but expand our hobbies and interests. No segment of the tech universe grows quicker that fitness and sports tech, so let’s take a look at what might interest gift givers, those starting fitness regimen or weekend warrior athletes.

Blast Motion Sensors

The world’s most accurate and consistent real-time motion capture technology for athletes and sports enthusiasts. Sensors for baseball, softball, golf and running give users real-time data they can use to improve. Available at sporting goods stores, Amazon or BlastMotion.com.

Tecnifibre Tennis

Tecnifibre is the high tech tennis equipment company. From racquets to bags, and even strings, Tecnifibre leads the way. Are you looking for a new frame for the upcoming ALTA season? Maybe you are taking lessons. Tecnifibre has a new line with a racquet to fit your game at Tecnifibre.com or local sports retail stores.

OnCore Genius Golf Ball

OnCore Golf has created a golf ball with GPS embedded right in the ball. Sure the Genius ball is $25, but if it saves you from losing a half-dozen balls with its GPS capability, you are winning in the wallet. As a golf ball company OnCore has made big strides in just three years. Available at PGA Superstore or OncoreGolf.com.


Purequosa organic spray is not just for you, but all of your athletic clothing equipment and shoes. Keep everything clean and fresh at home or bring with you when you travel. Purequosa is an energy boost for your skin. Spray from temple to toes and everything in between. A bargain for $5 and up, on Amazon.com.

Mujjo iPhone X Case/Cover

I’m not sure if you call the new Mujjo iPhone X encasement a case or a cover, but it’s quality  leather rises 1mm above the edge of the glass, creating a raised bezel that keeps abrasive surfaces away from your screen. It also has a hidden Japanese microfiber embedded for extra padding. This is a case you can take on a hiking trail or cycling, and it will hold up to the elements and vibrations. Check out the new Olive color for $45, at Mujjo.com or Amazon.

BBO Shorts

BBO Boardshort Bottle Opener is a stylish, quality-made line of boardshorts for men with a bottle opener attached to the inside of the side pocket! Innovative and stylish. Check out all the styles at BBOShorts.com.

Impact Improver

Practice your golf swing anytime and anywhere. Simply attach the Strike Shield and start swinging.  The Impact Ball sticks to the Strike Shield. Swing away and you know exactly where you made contact with the ball.  Instant feedback, instant fun, and a better game for $39.95 at 
or Amazon.

Rick Limpert is an Atlanta-based sports tech and sports travel writer. He has twice been named the “Top Sports Tech Writer in the U.S.” You can catch him on NBC 11 Alive Sports Extra, CBS Atlanta Plugged In and on with “Sully” on iHeartRadio with the top sports gadgets. Follow him on Twitter at @RickRoswell.