Givers 8

Krysta M. Cannon


Senior Enforcement Accountant at U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission

Where she gives: CFO/ Treasurer (Volunteer) Angels Among Us Pet Rescue, Atlanta Bar Association, Atlanta Bar Foundation, The Atlanta Mission, My Sister’s House, Fulton County Animal Control

One thing I would do to make the world a better place:  Keep searching until you find your passion and your purpose for helping others, whether it is animals, humans, the environment, whatever – the returns are tenfold what you put in when you give freely and with love.

Krysta is a bubbly and extremely funny mom to two foster dogs, works full-time and puts in countless hours with Angels Among Us as the CFO.  You can find her every week visiting local animal shelters, advocating for animals in need, fundraising, fostering, and educating the public about the plight of animals. “It’s something that I am extremely excited to have the honor to do. I love working with people to find the perfect pet to complete their family,” she says. She also gives her time to The Stef Sisters, a charity near and dear to her heart.  With the unexpected passing of their friend Stefanie Ballard, a wife and mother who made it her life’s mission to give, Krysta and friends carry on her legacy and do good things to honor her for her two young daughters to witness and remember their mother’s love and dedication. 

June Rondinone


Community Relations Coordinator for Second Wind Dreams

Where she gives: Second Wind Dreams, Historic Roswell Kiwanis Club, Roswell Woman’s Club, The Child Development Association, Local Cystic Fibrosis Chapter

One thing to make the world a 
better place:  When you do for others, the rewards are heartwarming and immeasurable.  You never know the impact you have had on someone’s life by a small gesture

When you hear June say, “I believe in serving others and try to help other organizations in the community as much as possible,” you know she doesn’t take her passion for giving lightly.  This mom to three incredible children – Anthony, Chris, and Brianna – puts family first.  Working as the Community Relations Coordinator for Second Wind Dreams, she manages the Dreams Program, their Gifts of Light Program, and Community Relations in Georgia.This National non-profit grants dreams for residents in eldercare communities. They also have an educational program for caregivers of Alzheimer’s patients.  She supports and attends many community fundraisers and events in North Fulton and around town. When June is not working or volunteering, she loves to be by the ocean.

Howard Flint

City of Residence: Roswell

Profession: CEO, Ghost Partner Inc. – Content Marketing Agency 

Where he gives: Homestretch, Roswell Presbyterian Church, Camp Rutledge, Family Promise

One thing to make the world a better place:  If everyone could do 1 or 2 things locally each month to help the community, it would make a huge difference. Living in an affluent area, people don’t think there is need nearby. It’s all around us. Ask how you can help. And get your kids started young helping others. It helps keep them very grounded.

We dare you not find yourself laughing around Howard, because this giver is witty, funny, and warm.  The family man has dedicated his life to his three children’s gifts and talents, while teaching them to share their talents and resources with their community and world. Even though Howard owns and runs a content marketing agency, he finds time to volunteer in quite a few capacities. Some of his favorites include HomeStretch,  guiding working homeless families in north metro Atlanta with minor children toward increased self-reliance and stability by providing education, mentoring, and supportive housing.  He and his wife Canita help with the Family Promise program through their church. During the year, they host several homeless families providing a place to sleep, meals, and daycare so that parents can go to work each day. Howard says “My wife, kids and I usually prepare and share the meals. We love that our kids get to spend time with these kids while they are with us. It helps normalize their lives while they are living a very non-normal life growing up where we live.”  When not working or volunteering, Howard loves going with his family to music or theater events – especially small or local productions.

Jack McConnell

City of Residence:  Johns Creek

Student Providence Christian Academy – Johns Creek Campus

Where he gives: Founder of 2020 Hearing, GA Bell Teen Advocate, Starkey Hearing Foundation

One thing to make the world a better place: If 2020 vision is perfect vision, I want everyone in the world to have 2020 hearing

Spend just a few minutes with the incredibly kind and endearing Jack McConnell, and you’ll almost forget he a high school student. He has an old soul and has founded the  impressive 2020 Hearing charity. He has used his hearing loss to fuel his passion.  It’s a local, national, and international organization aimed at providing support for kids and teens with hearing loss. He works with GA Bell Teen Advocate, and has supported the Pediatric Hearing Aid Coverage Law (private Insurance companies in Georgia were mandated to cover pediatric hearing aids).  Jack travels throughout the U.S. speaking about the international work they do with the Starkey Hearing Foundation and educate people on hearing loss and the importance of early intervention. “When you fit someone with a hearing aid, their faces light up, and they are smiling, dancing, and praising because they can hear. It goes way beyond giving the gift of hearing, it allows these kids to go to school, the parents to provide for their families, people can now hear their family say ‘I love you’ for the first time. It allows these people to be connected to the world around them. I personally see my hearing loss as a gift to be used to help others with hearing loss,” he says. When Jack is not at school or working for his mission, you can find him on the lacrosse field where he has played for six years.He doesn’t plan to stop anytime soon!