November 2017 Lifestyle Letter

Have you voted yet? Everyone here at  Alpharetta Lifestyle is pretty excited about our first ever Readers’ Choice contest, where you speak up and let the world know all your favorite places to shop, eat and do business in our community.  This month, go to our website, click the link and vote for your fave. Winners will be splashed out in our February issue.  Do you have a go-to coffee shop? A must-see medical provider? A car dealer you return to again and again? Let us know.  Head to our website when you’re done reading this juicy issue and have your say! Voting ends 5 p.m. November 30 (which is my birthday, so I’ll be celebrating, helping tally your votes…the next day).

In the meantime, enjoy this issue focusing on the HOME.My home is full of our collections of books, vintage games, ancient Chinese checkerboards and cool old gumball machines. One of my favorite pieces of furniture is an antique Chinese trousseau cabinet we picked up when we lived in Hong Kong. The merchant explained that the bride’s family would pack her personal items and collected home furnishings in this cabinet and her brothers would carry it to the happy couple’s new home.  We use it as a bar cabinet storing glassware and booze…perhaps my own personal trousseau?

Enjoy November and have a Happy Thanksgiving.  Don’t forget to head to our website and vote!