Truck & Tap 1

Woodstock’s extraordinary beer and dining concept thrives and will soon be truckin’ to Alpharetta for its second location.

Thanks to the boom of more breweries, eateries recognizing its numerous flavor profiles to pair with their fare, increased distribution, and overall availability, beer is the hottest—err—coldest beverage trend in Georgia. Understandably, this means the Peach State has also hosted an upsurge in bars and pubs to meet the demand.

Well the smart way for an establishment with a beer-forward program to be prominent is having an extraordinary concept. Woodstock, GA’s Truck & Tap embraced this ideology in October of 2015 and is now in the expansion stage; there is another location opening in Alpharetta this year followed by another site constructed in Duluth during the spring of 2018.

The reason for Truck & Tap’s success is explicated in it name. Nestled in the charming, community-driven downtown of Woodstock, its storefront boasts a garage door that’s lifted during clement weather alongside a traditional walk-in entrance. They both lead to a cozy bar area with high tables, booths, a handful of raised flat screen televisions, local art and 18 individual slates listing beers available adorning the exposed-brick walls; conversing imbibers who seem to frequent the location regularly complete the interior. This is the “Tap” part.

Heading to the back, there is another large roll-up door opening to a patio for the al fresco feel. This section overlooks a staircase that leads to an alley one level below with four-seat tables including two with umbrellas in front of the docking station reserved for the steady rotation of food trucks for hungry guests. Enter “Truck.”

Ultimately, you have one of the most ingenious food and beer tandems in the South. The draft list rotates just as frequently as the collaborating meals on wheels in the back—which means daily—so customers have an entirely new menu with every visit.

While sipping a Three Taverns Prince of Pilsen pilsner between fork stabs in a paper boat filled with a steaming mound of a Lowcountry Boil served up by his current food truck collaborator ANGELFIRE7 BBQ, Truck & Tap Vice President of Operations Zach Yurchuck sheds some light on how his successful venture got started.

“I opened Barrel & Barley Craft Beer Market in Woodstock in July of 2013,” Yurchuck, 26, says. “Being involved in the community eventually introduced me to Cliff Crider who, along with Mitch Jaffe of PREP, had started to come up with the concept that would become Truck & Tap. I thought it was a great idea and injected myself into as much of the planning as I could. I was brought in to be the operational partner from the ground floor.”

What makes Truck & Tap stand out in the beer scene? Yurchuck offers, “Other than the obvious fact that our kitchen is on wheels and you having to go order it yourself, customers love the variety and food trucks love the opportunity to be a restaurant for the day. They get to flex their culinary muscle with specials that don’t work as well with festivals.”

And inside? “Our staff really takes us to the next level,” Yurchuck says. “They’re all are here to share their passion for craft beer and help you find your new favorite. It’s a ‘No Snob’ zone. We have 18 drafts in Woodstock. Simply put, we choose beer that we’re excited to sell. Period. Our staff and customer base are all over the board. IPAs, Trappist Styles, and the entire spectrum of barrel-aged beers do well for us.”

After saying goodbye to a pair of Truck & Tap loyalists who happily admitted this was their favorite way to spend a sunny weekend afternoon, Yurchuck discloses what the future has in store. “Alpharetta is another great location with a vibrant downtown bar crawl that we think Truck & Tap will bring a fun, new experience to,” he says. “‘T&T’ Alpharetta will be a larger space complete with a roof top deck. Other than that, our same awesome focus is on beer and an awesome staff to serve it to you.”

And of course, Alpharetta will have the “Truck” part, too.