To Juice or Not to Juice?

My 15 days juicing

Over the past two years I had the pleasure of adopting a few extra pounds that just seemed to appear and cling on for dear life. And because of my ever-increasing age, busy lifestyle and lack of regular exercise made it was very difficult to shed the extra weight.

One day while visiting a client on Windward Parkway, I stopped into a new place for a smoothie to take with me on the road. It was then that I found 3:8 Juice & Eatery. While there waiting for my green Rejuvenator smoothie, I spoke with owner, Leslie Graham, who shared samples of their cold pressed juice blends. The combination of the delicious flavors tempted me to learn more about juicing and what they call “resets.” She talked about her journey to lose 90 pounds while juicing and how it ultimately led her to open 3:8 juice. After asking her lots of questions, I decided that I was up for the challenge of a 15-day reset (or juice cleanse as it’s often called).

Returning with a cooler days later, I was ready to begin my 15-day journey drinking juice and eager to lose those stubborn pounds. This may seem daunting to many, however, Leslie helped me get mentally prepared. And I realized something very important when doing a juice fast or reset: Once you make up your mind that 15 days without food really isn’t very long over the grand scheme of things, it makes the journey much easier.

We decided to tailor the first three days of the 15-day juice reset to incorporate one or two small meals from the healthy selection of salads and tasty snacks they prepare and sell at 3:8 Juice. My favorite was their chickpea salad with homemade dressing without any oil, salt or sugar. This way I eased my body into eating less, and drank juice during one or two of the meals initially.

Day four I solely drank juice. Each day or “reset” consists of five cold pressed juices and they recommend drinking the rainbow. I had juices each day that were blends of fruits and a variety of veggies and infused with spices like cilantro and rosemary. On day two of just juicing, I found that I was tired, but didn’t have any headaches, which was my main concern. I found that drinking five juices and water in between was a lot of liquid to consume and kept me feeling full. Because I drank my fifth snack juice mid-evening, I never went to bed feeling hungry.

What I did find out quickly is that not only did the weight start to fall off, I had loads of energy. Yes, you will find yourself using the bathroom more often, since you are drinking a lot of liquid. And my body temperature was colder, since I only consumed liquid. Which was fine because it was summer and very hot outside.

My journey continued and I diligently stuck to it, toting my juice with me into restaurants while my family ate alongside me. I also still prepared dinner for my family as usual, and was fine just drinking my juice while my family ate dinner together. Once I saw that I was losing weight and inches, it was very easy for me to forgo eating even if others around me were.

At the end of day 12, I incorporated food back into my diet to ease my body into eating again, just as I had done in the beginning of my juice experience. Day 15 arrived and I was very proud of myself, mainly because I never thought I could do a juice cleanse without the need to eat food. But the weight and inches I had been fighting came off, clothes that I haven’t worn in a year fit again and it was like having a whole new wardrobe.

I would recommend a juice reset for those that like me, need a jump start, or those like 3:8 Juice owner Leslie Graham, whose desire was to shed more weight and have a healthier lifestyle. It is well worth a trip in to sample their cold pressed juice blends and smoothies. And if you want to do a juice reset, adopt the mindset that you are up for the challenge!

3:8 Juice & Eatery, 5250 Windward Parkway, suite 113