2017 Honda Type R 1

With our first annual Driver’s Notebook Cars of the Year Awards coming up where the most impressive model in various categories receives Lifestyle Publication’s accolades, the all-new Honda TYPE R is a definite nominee in the Sport and All-New categories.

There is no doubt that Honda has maintained a stellar reputation in the auto industry due its reliability and highly skilled workmanship for more than 30 years. Now, answering the demand for a more rebellious, aggressive and muscle-flexing addition to the family, the automaker boldly introduces the all-new Type R.

An expansion of the popular Civic trim introduced exactly 20 years ago in 1997, the Type R was built in the United Kingdom and brought to the U.S. to set our roads ablaze and constantly turn heads. Its muscular frame is embellished with Honda’s exclusive scarlet “H” emblem, a front air curtain, a large rear wing, a three-pipe exhaust system, an LED lighting package, 20-inch alloy wheels and five vibrant colors selected by the most popular in the sports car sector—Championship White, Rallye Red, Aegean Blue, Crystal Black, Pearl and Polished Metal. It’s presence immediately exudes speed.

The Type R-exclusive 2.0-liter, four-cylinder racing engine is a combination of Honda’s revered VTEC and Turbo classifications. It is powered by 306 horses and a maximum torque of 295 lb-ft @ 2500 rpm under the hood to further justifying its beastly frame. Paying homage to the sports car traditionalist, this model boasts a smooth transitioning six-speed manual transmission complete with an aluminum knob, a “Rev Match System,” a “dual-axis” strut front suspension, D-shaped steering wheel, three driving modes—Comfort, Sport and +R—and highly responsive braking. The cloth red and black sport seats; high-definition, seven-inch display with Apple CarPlay; and Honda’s 12-speaker premium sound system booming 540 watts of power ultimately has four adults comfortably strapped in for the epitome of a joy ride.

Graciously priced at just under $34,000 with all the embellishments (everything comes standard), Honda successfully realized the dream car of its loyal following while simultaneously winning over a legion of new believers.

Fuel Economy: 22 city/28 highway

Base Price: $33,900 (Everything is standard)

For more information, visit Honda.com.