From Brazil to Alpharetta, With Love 3

The name Chic Evolution in Art was chosen to represent the ever evolving nature of the Alpharetta gallery, which features modern sculptures, paintings, cast glass, crafts, collectibles and sophisticated furnishings. Owner and founder Ivan Pitoni has built a local, national and international clientele over the past 15 years, while being a true ambassador of pure passion, local art and giving back along the way.

Humble Beginnings

Pitoni grew up on the streets of Brazil and found an escape through sports. His volleyball skills advanced him to a professional status, bringing him to the United States 20 years ago. After settling in Atlanta, unfortunate injuries prevented Pitoni from continuing his career in sports.

He began working for two prominent designers; at the time his job consisted of unloading furniture from a truck.  Pitoni’s natural, artistic gifts suddenly became apparent. He was hired by these designers for an entirely different job; beautifully staging rooms with art and furniture.

After realizing his new passion, Pitoni began to represent his first client, Brazilian artist Chi-Om. Her name means “energy universe,” which reflects her work. As with any new business venture, there were struggles, so he decided to host a Gallery Party in his modest apartment, filling his walls with 17 pieces of artwork. By the end of the night, all had been purchased and Pitoni used the money to further develop Chic Evolution in Art. It was the defining moment in which he knew this was his path.

An Unforgotten Artist

Pitoni’s first major success was found in Amanda Brisbane, a sand casting glass artist from the U.K. Brisbane’s timeless work is wildly popular worldwide, as she created beautiful, fire polished, uniquely textured pieces with beautiful color contrasts.

Brisbane and Pitoni worked together on numerous projects and developed a dear friendship. Heartbreakingly, Brisbane unexpectedly passed away in 2016 while in Dubai. She was working on what would be her last project, a 15-foot waterfall sculpture.

The studio still possesses some of Brisbane’s priceless work, and Pitoni is selective to whom each piece is sold.

True Passion

Pitoni works to feature emerging talent, with many artists being local. The site states that behind every piece of artwork, they want there to be true passion.

When visiting the gallery, you won’t be left to browse the vast selection on your own. Pitoni himself, and his talented group, will help you determine which piece will seamlessly blend into your color scheme, style and budget.

Customized pieces may also be an option, as most artists are willing to create one-of-a-kind works of art for clientele.

Giving Back

Pitoni isn’t keeping all of his success to himself; maybe this is a result of his own humble upbringing. Fundraising is an important activity for the art buff. He actively works with local non-profits and charities like the Atlanta Humane Society.  In Brazil, he has opened a school that has educated 110 impoverished kids to date. Currently, the gallery is looking for more local charities to support.

The Future

“The gallery is just one aspect of services we provide,” says Pitoni. “ The studio is so much more than just a painting on a wall. We provide consulting for high-end hospitality, design firms, and private clients.  Our work scales from local to international. But we keep our primary focus on elevating our local artists and community first. As Alpharetta continues to grow, we stand hand-in-hand, excited about a prosperous future,” he adds. “Chic Evolution in Art represents our working culture and attitude inside and out of the art world.”

29 Milton Avenue