Smarter Cleaning

Flu season may be long over but leftover germs and other bacteria can linger for months. And, oh, that pollen.

Let Maid Right in.  The cleaning company prides itself on using a state-of-the-art system such as Enviroshield® disinfecting system, which has been used in hospitals and daycare facilities for years. And, the professional cleaners are also franchise owners, which means they only want the best for their clients.

They are hyper-focused on eliminating germs and preventing cross-contamination of surfaces.  A clever color-coded cloth system allows ensures the cloth that was used on your toilet is not then used to clean your kitchen counter. Smart!

Another tool in germ elimination is their exclusive Enviroshield® disinfecting system, which kills 99% of the most common bacteria and viruses such as e.coli, norovirus, MRSA and many others.  This system uses an electrostatic sprayer to ensure the disinfectant wraps around and clings to difficult areas to reach, like the underside of furniture and inside toy boxes. Not only is Enviroshield® effective, but it’s safe for kids, the elderly and pets.

T.J. Kissane a Roswell native, has been with the Maid Right brand since its inception and is Director of Training. “It was such a great honor to be named General Manager of the Roswell location. I have grown up here my whole life and I am excited about now being able to give back to the community and helping local residents start their own business,” says Kissane. He is proud to help people who wanted to be in the cleaning industry and own their own business but didn’t know how to do it. “We have taken those great individuals and honed their entrepreneurial spirit and hard work ethic into Maid Right processes and systems that help them be successful. It is truly a business partnership between our office and the franchise owners that our customers benefit greatly from.  By supporting Maid Right you are supporting a small local family and business. You are helping change these franchise owners lives in our community.”

Now that feels good!