Small Town Lawyers, Big City Experience 3

We sat down with Dennis and Justin Williams to learn more about them, their firm and how they are helping the people of our community, and beyond. With a comforting smile, a passion to assist, and a knowledge of the law, this father and son law firm provides the kind of hometown legal services you might not think exists anymore.

MS: What do you want people to know about this firm?

JW: We are primarily a personal injury law firm dealing with cases of wrongful death, auto injuries, and catastrophic injuries. We seek to provide a comfortable professional environment where the client feels free to talk to us. We believe open communication fosters trust in the attorney-client relationship. We further believe that trust is paramount to a successful professional relationship.

MS: How is the Williams & Williams law firm unique?

JW: We exercise our legal skills in helping those who feel displaced, frustrated and angry through no fault of their own. Our clients have been injured due to the negligence of someone else. Some of our clients are not severely injured but have incurred medical expenses, lost wages and have endured pain and suffering for a period of time. Their injuries may include concussions or soft tissue injuries. These injury victims may have difficulty finding legal representation because of the lower value of such cases. Our firm is here to serve all who have been injured and are in need of legal services. With us, the client will speak directly with our attorneys. Clients can contact us at any time and ask any question. We will talk the client through the case and make sure the client understands the issues and the status of the case. We aggressively pursue the best interest of each client.

DW: We emphasize compassion as well as candor in the delivery of legal services. The reality is we often take cases that others may not accept because of the perceived value of the case. Many of our clients have never been involved in a legal matter and are frustrated and apprehensive about the legal process. We make a concerted effort to timely address their concerns. It is our experience that the focus on client concerns substantially strengthens the professional relationship.

MS: What is the most rewarding part of being a lawyer?

JW: We get satisfaction from doing a good job. In a personal injury case, our greatest satisfaction is knowing we have played a role in assisting someone in restoring their life to a level they enjoyed prior to their injury.  We’ve been practicing long enough to know that it’s more rewarding to achieve a good result for the client than any amount of money.

MS: What is the ultimate goal in each of your cases?

DW: As Justin said, our greatest satisfaction and our ultimate goal is to see our client restored to the physical condition the client was in prior to injury. However, the reality is that some injuries are so severe that the client cannot be restored to a pre-injury condition. Despite the incredible advances in medicine, there are limitations. Our legal system also has its limitations. Money is the only remedy available for a personal injury. However, money doesn’t make the seriously injured person whole. As lawyers, a substantial financial result for the client is bittersweet, knowing the client cannot be restored to a pre-injury status. We can’t wave a magic wand to restore our client to health. We wish we could.

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