His Happy Father's Day

Meet Jason Binder

Council Member, City of Alpharetta, Liaison to the Recreation & Parks / Schools & Seniors

Financial Advisor, Acolyte Advisors

AL: What is your idea of a perfect Father’s Day?

JB: Two small requests: sleep in till 8:30 and grill steaks for dinner. My kids can pick the activities between those two requests.

AL: Where would you like someone to shop locally for your Father’s Day gift?

JB: I’ve always enjoyed Alpharetta Outfitters and Da Vinci’s Donuts. They are both local to Alpharetta and they give back to our community. If anyone runs into my family between now and Father’s Day, let them know that I would like a new watch and a Caramel Crunch Donut.

AL: What is the most important thing your dad taught you?

JB: My father, Ken Binder, taught me that priorities in life should be God, family and hard work. Through his example I have learned that leading by action means more than through words only.

AL: We know you think Alpharetta a great place to be a dad and raise kids!

JB: We chose Alpharetta as our home specifically for our family. The events in our city, from Food Truck Alley to the Community Garden at Wills Park, give me the opportunity to spend time with my family and show them the importance of being part of your community. It is that sense of community that makes us proud to call Alpharetta home!