Happy March

My sweet mom used to remind us, March comes in like a lion and goes out like a lamb.  Growing up in Michigan, we hoped and prayed that was true. By March, we’d had it with shoveling, muddy icicles mucking up wheel wells, freezing grey days and the lack of sunshine. Here in Alpharetta, March will mostly come in like a lamb and go out like a soft fluffy chick. Our mild winter (“winter”) has left me longing for cold days made for big pots of chili and fireside chats. Instead, we’ve grilled every weekend, sipped gin and tonics right through February and spent afternoons chatting on the front porch. Not bad at all!

Whatever you’re cooking this month, I hope you’ll gather your favorite people around the table and give thanks for good health and good food. We have so many places to dine right here near home (should you not feel like peeling, slicing or dicing) and hope you’ll share your favorites on our Facebook page.

We like Village Tavern, as you can tell by our cover, shot by the talented Dennis Malcolm Byron.  We had an engaging networking event there recently, where advertisers and partners joined to share news from their businesses and toss around ideas for this magazine.

This magazine is YOURS and we hope you’ll share your story ideas with me for an upcoming issue. Shoot me an email today!