Vinyl-Alive in Alpharetta

The first thing I noticed about owners of Comeback Vinyl was the playful yet intelligent banter they had with one another as they discussed everything from their favorite records growing up to their up and coming concert plans. Starting at small antique fairs, the mother-son duo never shared aspirations of opening Comeback Vinyl, the record store tucked away in southern Alpharetta. But since its creation and construction, they have directed all of their creative and professional energy into the store. Karen Vernon and her son, Alex Vernon (below) work like a well-oiled machine as they meticulously sort through the hundreds upon hundreds of used vinyl they have cataloged in multiple storage units and nooks and bins in their store. With genres varying from jazz to new wave-contemporary-alternative, they stock a wide range of records throughout the store. As I looked around, I noticed the effort that went into making the store as varied and accessible as possible.

One of their newest additions is the Comeback Vinyl Record Club. The program gives you the option of choosing from one to four genres- blues, rock, funk and/or jazz.  All the vinyl sent out are either brand spankin’ new or reissues, sealed and never before opened. Upon joining the club, you will receive up to four records a month for either 3, 6 or 12 months.

If you have a collection that is gathering dust, Comeback Vinyl will buy  your records.  Call for an appointment. They are mostly interested in rock, jazz, blues, funk, and soul LP’s. The price depends on condition, artists, and resale value. If you have crates on crates (around 1,000 albums), Alex or Karen will come to your home to assess the collection and work with you on a smart sale.

The record store is moving to a larger space this summer at 1 South Main Street – on the corner of the historic downtown Alpharetta strip next to Butcher and Brew.  They will have a larger selection of both new and used vinyl in our new space.

Dust off that turntable and make 2017 a music-filled year. Comeback Vinyl believes with you., 520 South Main Street, 678.580.0583