February 2017 Around Town 1

Art from Alpharetta

Janice Schmidt, a fashion wearables artist based near Alpharetta (MosaicGoddess.com), is one of 26 Georgia and more than 250 nationwide artists whose work has been selected by the American Craft Council for its juried show, March 17-19, at the Cobb Galleria Centre. Schmidt and the non-profit American Craft Council, which is celebrating its 75th year, understand that the sophisticated craft patrons who attend the Show appreciate the broad range of works available. Patrons also will have an opportunity to enjoy the work of both local designers and stylists who are utilizing the artists’ crafts to form unique, full-size rooms and one-of-a-kind fashion ensembles, respectively. For more information about the 2017 American Craft Show in Atlanta, visit CraftCouncil.org.

New Bowl in Town

Brunswick Norcross has a new name and new updated look that will knock your socks off! Bowlero, is where you can now bowl on 34 newly designed blacklit lanes, while watching large screen tvs in the
hip-inspired retro venue. The menu has been updated as well, with over-the-top culinary creations such as their Behemoth Burger, a beast of a burger weighing in at 5 lbs and 14 inches round, the Mega Mad Dog, a 2-foot hot dog smothered in coney sauce, and the gigantic Party Pretzel, almost a meal and large enough to share with friends. Definitely bowling on a whole new level and place to host a party for kids or adults alike. Bowlero.com

A Spin on Cleansing

It’s uncommon to know this, but the vast majority of reports and studies available on the subject indicate that most disease begins in the colon. Clean Start Cleansing realizes the impact of toxins on our bodies and has focused on cleansing the body using multiple services. Candice, Sue and Bobby Stevenson have taken a business concept rooted in their first location in Miami and improved on it with the Grand Opening of their store in Johns Creek.  The store offers colon hydrotherapy, foot detox, steam-v, organic facials, lymphatic massage, far infrared and various other services. The store is an amazing venue with extensive amounts of information and a full herb shop offering products from Nature’s Sunshine. You can get more information at their website CleanStartCleansing.com.  They also have an app titled Clean Start Cleansing.  Call 770-837-9325 for more information.  Clean Start Cleansing is located at 10305 Medlock Bridge Rd, Suite B-3.

Orchid Daze

Escape to the sultry tropics at winter’s favorite exhibition Step into a warm, fragrant tropical oasis of flowers February 11 – April 9 during Orchid Daze, the Atlanta Botanical Garden’s annual orchid extravaganza. Staged among thousands of beautiful orchids in the Fuqua Orchid Center – one of the country’s largest collections of species orchids – the popular exhibition features three paradisiacal settings that allow visitors to leave behind their urban surroundings. In the Fuqua Conservatory lobby, guests stroll under a canopy of stately Caribbean palms while tropical orchids in mango, pineapple and coral colors burst like sparklers overhead. Below is a diverse carpet of exquisite slipper orchids of varying sizes. Beneath its 22-foot ceiling, the Orchid Atrium features a soaring vertical tapestry woven with fragrant orchids. Visitors see up close and at eye level the astonishing variety of intricate patterns and colors that bewitch orchid pollinators.  Pansy Orchids with big bold flowers of vibrant magenta, gold and pink contrast with delicate miniature Dancing Lady Orchids.  A surrounding backdrop of Moth Orchids lends the feeling of complete immersion in an orchid paradise. Finally, the Orchid Display House welcomes guests to an idyllic escape. Colorful hammocks billowing with Cattleya Orchids are laced between russet-colored Manzanita trees, creating the ultimate warm haven on a chilly day. In addition, Orchid Daze includes Orchid Market Weekends Feb. 18 – 19, March 18 – 19 and  April 8 – 9, when visitors may shop for a wide variety of orchids and potting supplies as well as arts and crafts by local artisans. Also, on Saturdays of those weekends, they may take advantage of  Orchid Care Clinics for advice on caring for their plants.

Fulton Sci Academy Wins

First Place Champion’s Award and Best Robot Performance Award Issued to Eighth Graders of Fulton Science Academy’s robotics team “Control+Alt+Delete” had a strong weekend at the FIRST LEGO League (FLL) Regional Robotics Championships, taking home both the “First Place Champion’s Award” and the “Best Overall Robot Performance Award.”The results of the weekend competition were exciting, but the fact that the awards were secured by the school’s first all-female robotics team made it even more special! More than 32,000 FLL teams compete in robotics competitions like this one annually, very few of which are comprised of only female students. “It was such a wonderful feeling to have watched these young ladies work so hard to prepare for this competition and then to see the joy on their faces when they earned two top awards,” said FSAPS Principal,  Kenan Sener. “These young women are true role models, not only for their fellow students here at Fulton Science Academy, but also (I hope) for younger girls who embrace science, mathematics, and engineering.”  FLL challenges kids in more than 80 countries to think like scientists and engineers. The theme for this year, “ANIMAL ALLIES,” tasked teams with choosing and solving a real-world animal problem.  Control+Alt+Delete decided to tackle this project by researching a more natural way to eliminate mosquitos without using pesticides because pesticides have been linked to adverse health effects including brain tumors (PubMed.gov). After further research, students learned that bats were a natural solution; they can eat up to five thousand mosquitoes nightly, and they are somewhat easy to attract. As part of their project, the team constructed a bat house with a vent can that would open or close basedupon the temperature. If temperatures are above 65ºF, the vent will open (allowing air circulation and an increased likelihood that bats will visit), but if temperatures are below 65ºF, the vent closes, allowing the bats to remain inside and stay warm.  Along with this project, members of Control+Alt+Delete  created a mosquito trap for smaller spaces that is effective as well, using carbon dioxide and LED lights to attract them towards a fan that sucks them into the enclosure. The project was detailed and the team presented their work to a judging panel who were overwhelmingly impressed! The girls will continue on to Super regionals this January and if all continues well onto globals this spring.  Alpharetta Lifestyle extends our many heartfelt congrats to the team and will be cheering the girls on all the way!

Design Duo

We’re so excited to introduce the newest members of the Classic Blinds and Shutters team, interior designers Melody Tripp and Danna Beatty.  Now from floor to ceiling Classic Blinds and Shutters really is your one-stop-shop for everything you need to make your house a home with unparalleled style and functionality!  Melody has been creating custom drapes since 1995 initially for model home designers.  While helping to install her creations in a model home at Callaway Gardens.  “In 2009 I was asked to open a showroom as the design arm for a local real estate company.  This gave me the opportunity to bring onboard someone that I had enjoyed collaborating with so much over the years, my daughter, Danna Beatty. Although she lived in Florida, she often did the space plan and elevation view renderings via email and would come into town to help on large projects. Opening the showroom provided the opportunity for her to move here on a permanent basis and we’ve been working together ever since.  Now we’re both ecstatic to join the team at Classic Blinds and Shutters!” Although we are full service interior designers, we still specialize in custom window treatments and utilize the best software available to create a digital rendering of your custom treatments. And yes, Danna still does most of the renderings.” Visit the show room or call to schedule an in-home consultation and let Classic Blinds and Shutters help you create the home of your dreams whether you’re adding a few new pieces to freshen up or have an entire new space to fill. Classic Blinds is here to help Happy decorating!