Casting the perfect cheese plate

Just like any movie it is the cast of characters that makes the film an award winner.  So too with the perfect cheese plate. As we salute the Grammy Awards (February 12) and the Academy Awards (February 28), consider entertaining your crew (or just your two leads) with this perennial favorite. Remember that variety is the key. Fresh fruit, berries, nuts, crackers, olives, pâtés, grilled vegetables, charcuterie, mustard, jams, artichokes, pickles, honey, and breads are always accompanied by the most delicious selection of cheese that will not only whet the appetite of any discerning palate but satiate every guest. Allow us to present this script to an award winning cheese plate for your show.

Always start with an amazing cutting board.  Rustic or polished, new or old, the foundation of an incredible cheese plate is the first thing to consider.  Just like a painter’s palette, a perfect  board will hold the color and diversity of your offerings. Remember that with most things in life, bigger is better and with all  that you will be putting on your cheese plate be sure to remember your supporting cast of knives, small bowls, spoons, honey dippers, and cocktail napkins. And if you run out of room create a secondary board….a sequel, if you will.

Variety is the spice of life and with literally thousands of cheeses around the world there are so many options.  If cheddar is your favorite then try a cheddar from another country.   Continue the show by celebrating globally and check out some foreign cheeses as well as cheese made from cow, goat, sheep, yak, or even mixed milk cheese.  Consulting a cheesemonger is perfectly acceptable, they are the perfect casting agent after all.

While everyone loves cheese not everyone loves gluten so source out a terrific brown rice cracker for those friends who stay away from wheat.  And for that matter, try a different selection of crackers and breads, both sweet and savory.

Remember to be creative and be daring. Now, on with the show!