Pilates, Please 2

Looking for a new workout routine for 2017? Sick of running? Not coordinated enough for Zumba? Why not try Pilates? Vernette Channel, who manages and coordinates the Pilates Program at Life Time Fitness in Alpharetta, sat down with Alpharetta Lifestyle to give an expert’s view on what Pilates is and why anyone can do it.

What is Pilates?

Pilates is not just an exercise. Pilates is a system of physical and mental conditioning that can enhance your physical strength, core stability, flexibility, balance and coordination as well as reduce stress, improve mental focus and foster an improved sense of well-being.

Who can do Pilates? 

Pilates is perfect for all ages. Whether a soon-to-be mommy is seeking to increase and maintain stability and coordination with her growing tummy, a senior looking to improve posture and alignment to prevent falls, or the athlete training for performance enhancement, injury prevention or rehabilitation, Pilates is appropriate for all ages. Life Time Fitness in Alpharetta is even launching a Kids Pilates program to improve the posture, coordination and strength of younger generations.

Why is Pilates something we should do?

Pilates allows an opportunity for the body to re-align, re-educate and rehabilitate muscles, joints and bones. The movement patterns provided by Pilates improves circulation, digestion, mental fatigue, respiration and stiffness. These benefits overall can reduce injury, stress, dysfunction and increase longevity and sense of well-being.

How did you get started teaching Pilates?

As a classically trained ballerina, Pilates was an intimate aspect of my training regimen. After dancing professionally, I transitioned into the academic world by obtaining degrees and certifications in psychology, exercise physiology, rehabilitation, neuroscience and chiropractic.  Now as an integrative healthcare practitioner, I see people are desperately seeking to take control over their health. I serve as the vessel that empowers them to regain that control.

At Life Time Fitness Alpharetta I am privileged to work with clients hands-on to develop and implement a comprehensive exercise prescription that will promote healthy living. Additionally, I have the ability to order labwork, metabolic testing, and facilitate nutritional coaching in order to compliment my clients’ exercise prescriptions.

What are some tips for people who want 
to get started doing Pilates?

Take baby steps. The first step is to consult your primary physician to discuss any restrictions you may need to address prior to beginning a new exercise program. Next, find a fitness professional for a consultation to help you discover your goals. Finally, don’t forget to set an appropriate plan to achieve them properly and effectively. And then get started!

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