Feeling the Healing

Facing Winter

With winter here and moving into its full glory, it’s more important than ever to keep in sync with a solid skin care regimen. As temperatures drop, and moisture from the air becomes more depleted, issues surrounding dull, lackluster skin can become apparent rather quickly and aggressively. Thankfully we have a few solutions for you!

Creative Med Spa is on a mission to provide innovative skin care that enhances your natural beauty with minimally invasive procedures that create maximum results. While the Creative team will most likely want to conduct a consultation beforehand, a few popular treatments they offer to tackle these common issues include Resurfacing Facial, Antioxidant Peel, Vitamin Peel, Jessner’s Peel, Resurfacing Peel, and OxyGeneo. The Creative Med Spa also offers a range of facials including the Aromatherapy Sinus Facial, aimed at calming and detoxifying skin, while rehydrating and improving muscle tone; the Hydrating Facial, which helps to soothe skin while removing dead skin cells; and the Calming Facial, which helps to fight irritation and aging in overworked skin.

The Creative team includes, Master Medical Esthetician, Senior Laser Practitioner, and Makeup Artist Specialist, Lisa Green, who has 15 years of experience and a warm, serene nature. From soothing facials, to cosmetic enhancements, the team prides their ability to provide the highest level of care and expertise of skin care products and procedures in the Atlanta area. Innovation is celebrated at Creative Med Spa by implementing the latest in natural skin care and encouraging plant-based products. Among the list of products that Creative Med Spa offers, the CosMedix line serves up a potent concentration of plant-based botanicals that infuse a high dose of good-for-you-nutrients, complete with peptides and antioxidants, to enhance one’s’ natural skin chemistry. Additionally, the Vital C line offers a number of benefits for those dealing with skin in need of moisture. Packed with potent anti-oxidants, this line can help limit the production of free radicals, which damage skin cells.

Dentist and CEO, Dr. Anitha Reddy, DMD expanded her family dental practice with a true artistic vision; to bring the beauty of cosmetic dentistry full circle and complete a picture of true facial masterpiece.