6 Apps to Stay Fit and Keep You Healthy 4

Yoga glo

Find more than 3,800 yoga and meditation classes for all levels, taught by world renowned instructors for a $18 per month subscription.

Compatibility: iOS




The social network for athletes, the app uses GPS to track your run, ride, swim, hike and more so that you can see your pace, distance, elevation and more. The app also has the ability to sync your activity tracker or GPS.

Compatibility: iOS and Android




Find more than 80 experiences around Atlanta that includes locations to hike, bike, run, paddle, camp and more. The app uses GPS to determine experiences nearby, and includes directions and detailed descriptions of each destination.

Compatibility: iOS



Lose It! and Snap It!

Lose It tracks and monitors daily calories, exercise, and nutrition. Snap It allows you to upload a photo of food, and suggests foods it identifies in the photo, along with the calorie count and nutritional information.

Compatibility: iOS and Android




In addition to customized grocery lists, and personalized recipes and food options based on dietary restrictions, Zipongo allows you to clip coupons for local deals on wholesome foods at stores including Target, Kroger, Whole Foods, Trader Joe’s, and more.

Compatible: iOS and Android




Get started with a series of meditations to progress through, including guided and un-guided, that are tailored toward decreasing stress in your life.

Compatible: iOS and Android