Ride a Bike in a New Way

Imagine riding a bike with no brakes and no gears on a track with a 36 degree banking. Sound thrilling? That’s Track cycling–a form of cycling based on speed, tactics and strength, and you can learn to do it here in Atlanta at the Dick Lane Velodrome.

The Dick Lane Velodrome in East Point is one of only 22 active velodromes in the country but ironically this is not the track that was used in the ‘96 Olympics. Cyclists have been racing at this velodrome since a group of East Point residents were inspired by  a visit to the Munich Olympics in 1972 and built the track shortly after.

While it does take a certain amount of bike experience to cycle on the track, the velodrome offers beginner classes for both adults and kids that provide you with the fundamentals of riding the track, safe riding techniques and toward the end of the clinic, advanced bike handling. The velodrome even provides you with the special track bike- one without brakes and gears. If you’re scared to not be able to grip the brakes, take it from track manager Rob Evans.

“I consider track cycling one of the safest forms of cycling, taking place on a car-free track,” said Track Manager Robert Evans. “While the lack of brakes might seem daunting at first, it’s usually brakes on road bicycles that cause most of the crashes. You’ll use your own leg strength to slow yourself down just like you speed up.”

The last two beginners classes of the season are two-day weekend courses on September 17-18 and October 7 and 8. Courses are $60 and include a loaner bike.

Once you complete the beginner’s class, you are ready to start riding and training or even racing on the track. The Dick Lane

Velodrome in East Point holds races weekly from March through October, giving you plenty of time to master the track before the 2017 season. Send us photos of your adventure!