Healthy Hydration

With an extensive background in medicine, Dr. Jeff Greenwood launched Alpharetta’s first exclusive IV hydration and wellness clinic—IV.OLOGY earlier this year. Dr. Greenwood, originally from Dayton Ohio, came to Atlanta in 2008 after finishing his training in emergency medicine. Prior to that he served as a firefighter and paramedic and has accumulated more than 20 years of pre-hospital and hospital-based emergency medicine experience. Living a lifestyle dedicated to fitness, Dr. Greenwood realized the importance of hydration therapy.

Dr. Greenwood explains the positive effects of customized therapy sessions, the process, and its promising future.

Alpharetta Lifestyle: What was the defining need that made you launch IV.OLOGY?

Dr. Jeff Greenwood: Working in the emergency department, I see a lot of patients that have true emergencies, but I also see people with non-emergent conditions as well.  A lot of those patients were just in need of IV fluid therapies to help them feel better. Maybe they were just a little bit dehydrated from a stomach virus, perhaps the flu, perhaps they had another migraine headache, or they were fatigued from traveling, or maybe they had a chronic condition where dehydration or electrolyte abnormalities was a common problem for them. We see these types of patients all the time in the emergency department, and they always feel much better after the IV fluids simply because dehydration accompanies most illnesses. IV.OLOGY focuses on those patients that could benefit from IV therapies, that need to feel better faster, but don’t otherwise have an emergent problem.  We are essentially the intermediary for those having an actual emergent condition versus those just being able to benefit from IV fluid therapy; this was the original concept.

It is much more convenient for people to come to us versus going to the ER or urgent care considering both the wait time and what they will spend, since our therapies are less than an ER or urgent care [co-payment]. Since we are owned and operated by an emergency medicine physician,  you are still getting the quality, safety, and the expertise that you’ll get from the ER.

AL: Let’s clear up any misconceptions!

JG:  A lot of people think that we’re just for athletes or just for special medical conditions, but really, most people can benefit from our services, whether that be a new problem or one they have suffered from for awhile. We want readers to understand the concept of chronic dehydration—a condition that many people suffer from. Often, these people are misdiagnosed with other conditions because they don’t realize that being chronically dehydrated can present in so many different ways—fatigue, chronic pain, chronic headaches, mood problems, sleep disturbances, and even depression to name a few.

AL: What are some results people can expect?

JG: It really depends on what they are coming in for, but generally speaking, most will walk out feeling like they gained some energy, or a feeling of rejuvenation, or simply feeling better from whatever ailment they were suffering from. Many people can ultimately eliminate the chronic symptoms they may be suffering from, brought on by being chronically dehydrated or vitamin depleted. We take the time to evaluate each client, to determine what their needs are specifically, and customize a solution just for them.  So whatever issue they may have, we work to correct it.

AL: What’s on the menu?

JG: All of our therapies are customized for the patient’s needs, so the sky is the limit as far as what we can offer. In addition to fluids, we can do electrolyte replacement therapies which are important when you’re treating conditions where electrolytes may be deficient. We can perform a bedside blood test to see exactly where your electrolytes are in order to be precise with replenishing them. For those who have vitamin deficiency syndromes or have poor diets for whatever reason, we can supplement essential vitamins. We also can create infusions with antioxidant supplements. We can create infusions that target headaches, G.I. [gastrointestinal] problems, morning sickness, and other dehydrating conditions. We can treat nausea, vomiting, mild aches and pains, indigestion, etc. it really just depends on the client and the types of needs they may have.

AL: Tell us about a typical treatment.

JG: Most of our clients are in and out in about an hour.

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