Hello Alpharetta

Starting school in August cheats summer.

Growing up in the Midwest, we started back after Labor Day, which signaled the end of fun and the beginning of something less fun.

The pool club closed, white pants were packed away and stiff new school shoes came out of the box. For our kids here in Georgia, the early start means an early finish in spring (or that’s what this always-positive mom preaches to my kids). Still, it’s never a good time to abandon laid back days, late nights on the front porch or that feeling of freedom from the demands of the calendar.

In our house, we squeeze in trips to the pool after school, eat dinner on the back patio and keep our summer playlist looping in the car. It’s all about maintaining the state-of-mind. Right…?

Well, if we must go back to school, let’s fill our lunch bags with healthy baked goodies from 2B Whole Gluten Free European bakery, owned by Alpharetta baker, Toula Argentis. Inspired by the dietary needs of her son, she bakes up taste-forward sweet and savories perfect for after school snacks. Check out her story on page 24.

Then, get your calendar out and make your family’s annual physicals and dental appointments.  Our friends at Golsen Family Dentistry offer up some helpful intel for keeping kids’ mouths  healthy throughout the year in “Smile, It’s Time for School” on page 14.

Sorry to talk about calendars and scheduling, but do check our calendar for fun activities to keep you smiling throughout August.

I hope yours is pleasant and full of that summer feeling.