Luxe Pools 5

Growing up, we belonged to a family swim club a few miles down a country road from our suburban Michigan home.  To get there, I’d have to wait for my dad to get home from work (he swam slow and methodical laps during adult swim) or do more than my required list of chores to earn my mom’s attention for a mid-day swim.  Or, I could ride my baby blue Schwinn the mile and a half down the dirt road, wrapping a beach towel around my face like a shemagh for protection against the dry dust kicked up by passing cars.

I dreamed of having our own back yard pool. I probably even suggested the addition. I most likely begged.

Mark Spiezio of Atlas Pools can help.

All you have to say is “I want an inground pool” and let Atlas Pools handle the rest.

Mark says, pool construction goes like this:

“First, we’ll come to your property for an on-site assessment. This includes looking at the property plat for setbacks, utility easements and flood plains that would hinder construction of your inground pool.”

Next, the team will show you our personally customized design recommendations within your price range.

Once you choose the plan that suits you best, Atlas Pools will obtain all the necessary building permits (unless there is a variance issue) and get to work.

Installing a pool begins with groundwork: trees and debris must be removed. Sometime a retaining wall is needed. “We can do all of this for you,” notes Mark. “There is no need to contract elsewhere.”

All pools are required by county laws to be in a fenced area, however. You may have to get with your subdivision or community regulators to see what size and height is allowable for your fence, if you don’t already have one.

Then comes the magic: grading the land and installing the inground pool system of your dreams. “The final results are exciting and dramatic. You’ll love your new pool!” promises Mark, who has worked hard for 35 years for continuous customer satisfaction.”

One example of a satisfied customer is John Howell, whose Alpharetta home now boasts a beautiful pool by Atlas. He says, “Atlas provided support before, during and especially AFTER the construction of our new pool. It was a pleasure to know customer service was their number one priority.”

Close your eyes, grab a towel and enjoy dipping into the pools on these pages.  Happy summer!