Going Green 7

Meet Laura Green

Garbed in running shoes, fashionable jeans, and a track jacket branded with her company logo, the always industrious Laura Green—the owner of Green Basements and Remodeling—is conversing in both Spanish and English with a cleaning crew at her newly purchased home nestled in the cul-de-sac of a community in Woodstock, GA. With more than 7,000-square-feet of space to perfect for a photo shoot, Green’s meticulous attention to detail explains why she is one of the most revered entrepreneurs in the South.

Born in Pensacola, FL, Green, 38, always had a passion to improve interiors of homes and businesses, and once graduating from the University of West Florida majoring in Computer Science, Atlanta-based Home Depot recruited her to join their corporate team in 1999. While thriving during her new opportunity, Green earned a masters of business degree from Georgia State, leading to her first entrepreneurial venture co-owning the Castle Painting company. Its success, her invaluable customer service, and natural eye to detail led to a General Contractor’s license and the launch of Green Basements and Remodeling.
Besides her candor and vocal leadership, Green’s company’s website further demonstrates her willingness to teach consumers the newest trends in remodeling innovation. From listing the seven outstanding reasons to work with Green Basements and Remodeling including design services, a stellar reputation, and possessing two local showrooms, there is an extensive photo gallery displaying the work they are capable of, and—perhaps most impressively—numerous videos featuring Green. One of them shows her explaining their showroom’s color-coded “sticker system” on various cabinet options representing budget upgrades, if they were made in the U.S., or her logical favorite—the green sticker—meaning sustainable and recyclable. Then again, Green is no stranger to the camera; she has made several appearances on television, including HGTV’s Elbow Room, the do-it-yourself-themed Super Great Rooms, and Home Free on Fox. In fact, she seemed like a seasoned show host giving a tour of her home.

Green’s multi-row theater room equipped with tray tables at every reclining Palliser leather seat, a large “zero-entry” pool with waterslides, an elevator, the indoor use of a polished sliding farm door, and fully equipped workout room were very impressive, but her bathrooms might be the most noteworthy reflections of her innovation. They featured single-level floors instead of the traditional shower partitions to step over for easy wheelchair access; touch-free toilets; televisions projected through mirrors; heated floors and towel holders; a urinal to accommodate gents including her husband and five boys; and the jaw-dropping demonstration of water pouring from the ceiling to fill her master tub.

Thriving with her company being a “one-stop shop,” Green has evolved with expertise in numerous fields including space utilization; making everyday appliances practical for everyone (such as a hip-level microwave); using energy-efficient lighting and heating; sustainability; soundproofing; home security activations from mobile devices; and producing optimum air quality such as her kitchen’s paint which absorbs and neutralizes pollutants with a lifespan exceeding 75 years to name a few.

Ultimately, Green makes her customer the top priority. Be it be remodeling a kitchen, a bathroom, lining countertops with granite she independently resources, customizing concrete floors in garages, finishing hardwood floors, laying out decks, installing a wine cellar, or virtually any other home improvement one can demand, she will make it happen. There is nothing during her stellar career that suggests otherwise.