Mother's, Daughters and Diamonds 7

Shane Co. and Alpharetta Lifestyle Honor Three Families on Mother’s Day

Celebrating Mother’s Day is extra special when there are more than one, two even three mothers in the house. Shane Co. and Alpharetta Lifestyle teamed up to honor a few Alpharetta mothers this month, with an afternoon champagne reception at Village Tavern where the ladies tried on new jewelry from Shane Co. and shared their multi-generational stories.

Meet Julie O’Bryant

I fell in love with Shane Co. when I was in North Carolina.  Their commercials were distinctive (and creative) and I enjoyed a store with a sense of loyalty to their customers, a history of integrity and a sense of humor.  I moved to Alpharetta and was thrilled to find a store located nearby. When I came in, I was instantly charmed by the store, the people (hometowns on the name tags!), the cookies, the fountain and the jewelry.

I found that the jewelry was wonderfully priced, in all ranges. I began to shop and dream. Then, I found them–the perfect earrings for my mama. I then returned with my girls, one at a time. They selected important birthstone rings which I presented to them on their birthdays.

My favorite earrings that I wear at least three times a week, and a strand of multi colored freshwater pearl strand that is long enough to be a necklace or a bracelet or even a headband; I love them all.

The girls brought their father (my husband of 24 years) to the store.  He purchased a strand of pearls for me and began the girls’ pearl collection with pearl stud earrings.

On a whim, I brought in my son. A teenaged boy, he was completely silent, walking in a world he’d only seen from the outside. He was intimidated, peering at the glittering cases. Then, a masculine cross and chain captured his attention. Hello, graduation gift.

The earrings for my mama, were loved by her and are now coming back to me, as a return gift from Mama, after her passing. I guess when a gift is chosen with love, it finds it’s way back to the sender. And someday, my own jewelry selections will find their way back to my girls who may share them with their future daughters.

Meet Nita Davis

If nothing ever changed there would be no butterflies. We moved to the Alpharetta area in 1993 and felt like we were in the country. The changes that we have seen have been unbelievable, and we have really enjoyed experiencing the growth. We are so blessed to be close to great shopping, restaurants, the best in medical care and still have a little piece of the country.

Our Family:  My husband and I have been married for 40 years and have two great children. Our son is an engineer who works in Alpharetta and our daughter works as a neonatal intensive care nurse for Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta. My husband started a business in Norcross in 1985 which we relocated to Alpharetta in 1993. He retired at the end of 2015. The business is still going strong, and Alpharetta is the perfect home for us.

Meet JoyEllen Freeman

Our family story begins with Ellen Ridley Lester, also known as “Grandma Ellen.” Grandma Ellen never met her granddaughter, Ellen Freeman. She never met her great-granddaughter, JoyEllen Freeman. In fact, she only spent five short years with her youngest daughter, Ruth Ellen, before dying tragically. Although Grandma Ellen never lived to know most of her family, her spirit and legacy lives on.

In the 1950s, Ruth Ellen fell in love with Algernon Lyons, and the two were married for 41 years before Algernon passed away in 1995. Ruth Ellen and Algernon relocated to Roswell, Georgia, in 1985, and Ruth Ellen stays in this same house today.

Ruth Ellen’s youngest daughter, Ellen Freeman stepped out on faith in 1996 when she left corporate America to stay home with her two daughters. She and her husband moved to Alpharetta that same year and have never regretted it. For 20 years, Ellen Freeman has faithfully cared for her family, including her mother, while remaining active in her church and other organizations.

As Ellen Freeman’s oldest daughter, I am determined to carry Grandma Ellen’s namesake with victory. As a black woman growing up in the early 20th century, Grandma Ellen had limited educational opportunities. She graduated from high school while pregnant, and never had the chance to attend college. However, I am an alumna of the University of Georgia and will soon receive a master’s degree from Clayton State University, accepted to a Ph.D. program at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.

Through love, faith, and victory, the legacy of Grandma Ellen lives.

Shane Co. and Alpharetta Lifestyle wish to thank Aimee Oczkowski, Nancy Debinder and Sarah Johnson for sharing their multi-generation stories with us, too. Happy Mother’s Day to you all!