Crossing the Finish Line 1

Alpharetta Family Values Fitness, Athletics

Sarah and Eric Cross and their seven children rarely sit still, unless it’s to sit down for dinner together, fueling up on Sarah’s healthy cooking for the next race, practice or athletic event.

Eric, has been competing in triathlons for more than 25 years having completed his first one in college as a Greek week event. He regularly lands on the podium locally and nationally, and twice competed in the Race Across America as a member of an 8-man cycling team and was a member of the record setting team.  Now, he is a volunteer coach for Multisport Explosion, working with the youth triathlon team.  Following in their dad’s footsteps, five of the seven kids love triathlons, swimming and cross country.

“The two youngest join me in cheering,” says Sarah.  Not that she is always on the sideline. Sarah played soccer through high school and rowed on the crew team for three years in college. Their daughter, 17, danced for 12 years before hanging up her pointe shoes and putting on cycling shoes and started competing in triathlons too.  Their older son, 15, swims competitively with Dynamo and is on the Southeast Junior High Performance tri team.  The younger boys play lacrosse, run cross country with Alpha Crush, are on the neighborhood swim team, Go Windward Waves!, and are on the Multisport Explosion youth tri team.

Eric and the four older boys are all active in Cub Scouts and Boy Scouts too. Sarah owns her own business, handles home schooling and is the mastermind behind the family’s practice schedules.  Still, she makes cooking a priority. “I love to cook and make sure my family has good, tasty and healthy meals and snacks,” says Sarah. “Having the right snack before a workout and proper re-fueling after a workout is a key to a healthy active lifestyle.”