The Velvet Note: A Love Song

No celebration of art and culture would be complete without a love song, and this one is for The Velvet Note. Step inside this Alpharetta jazz club and you’ll soon be singing right along with me.

Tucked into a nondescript strip mall on Old Milton Parkway, The Velvet Note Acoustic Living Room offers something truly extraordinary and powerful: live music as it is meant to be experienced. This intimate venue, replete with a full kitchen and bar, welcomes you like an old friend. All by design, says owner-operator Tamara Fuller: “It just so happens that this is the way that I would be happiest listening to music myself—in my own living room, with music performed by the best musicians on the planet, with great food, great drinks, great ambiance, great acoustics, and the chance to meet and get to know the musicians after the show.”

Designed by a protégé of film legend George Lucas, The Velvet Note was crafted to provide the purest vocal and instrumental reception available to a live audience, and artists and audiences alike have taken note. The Velvet Note has quickly gained a reputation as not only Atlanta’s best jazz club, but also one of the best jazz clubs in America.

Fuller’s journey in and out of two prior careers helped pave the way for this meteoric rise. “I was inspired to open The Velvet Note when I decided that—no matter what—the next thing I would do with my life would be what makes me personally happy, and for no other reason than that. Not to save the world, not to contribute to society, not to make money, but just because it’s what I love to do.”

Part of Fuller’s love lies not only in what she has created, but in where she has created it. Why should North Fulton residents 
have to drive into downtown Atlanta for dynamic performing arts when they can do so right in their own back yard? By strategically locating The Velvet Note where she has, Fuller has created more than just a destination—she has built a community asset that contributes to local quality of life.

Fuller’s vision, however, is not for a Velvet Note in every community’s backyard, or a bigger Velvet Note in Alpharetta. Part of the magic, she has discovered, is in quality over quantity.

“First, we want to become more of an integral part of the unique reasons why people would want to visit and live in Alpharetta. I have visited cities all over the world, and I am a huge fan of the way that Alpharetta is designed, developed and managed. We believe that we can be an attraction that gets more people to appreciate what our unique city has to offer.

“Secondly, we want to give music students at the middle school, high school and college level the chance to see the world-class musical performances of our greatest living icons. We are accomplishing this—in part—through our new live-streaming offerings, and through partnerships with music educators. We are proud to play a role in not only shaping our community, but shaping the experience of the next generation of great musicians!”

Music and a mission? Now that’s something to sing about.

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