Texture, Color, Shape 3

Making Your Collection Your Own

Britt Bass Turner’s work is about process and intuition. “I am interested in the juxtaposition of medium, texture, color and shape. I am ever searching for ways to create subtleties and surprises through fine details and passageways,” she explains in her artist’s statement. Britt grew up in Milton and now lives and works from Roswell. She fell in love with color and design at a young age living with her interior designer mother. “The constant exposure to color and texture helped me to refine my eye for aesthetics and to value creating early on.”  She graduated from the Lamar Dodd School of Art at the University of Georgia in 2011 and has been exploring color and design ever since from her studio in Roswell. Her list of shows is long for such a young artist, mostly staged in Georgia, but also reaching into South Carolina, Pennsylvania  and New York.  Her client list is already impressive and includes West Elm, Land of Nod, Passion City Church and notable local art collectors. Lifestyle Publications’ photographer, Kathryn McCrary introduced us to Britt’s work. The two were at UGA together. “As a photographer, composition in art is really important to me, and Britt effortlessly creates beautiful composition in her paintings. I am creating a new gallery wall in our home and had to have her create a piece for it!” We can’t wait to see what these two artists come up with.  We sat down with Britt to find out what inspires this local girl to create gorgeous and contemporary art.

SGC | Tell us about yourself.

BBT | I grew up in Milton, went to Crabapple Crossing Elementary, Northwestern Middle School, and Milton High School. I went to art school at UGA’s Lamar Dodd School of Art. My husband and I met in middle school, dated off and on throughout high school and college and married almost three years ago at Alpharetta’s Chukkar Farms. Both our families still live in the homes we grew up in! We now live in Roswell and love being close to both the city and our families. Many friends are leaving the city to settle down in Roswell and we are excited to make the northern ‘burbs home again.

SGC | Why does our community work as a place for your business?

BBT | The main reason we decided to keep my business here in “Atlanta,” and not move to a more art-centric metropolitan area, is due entirely to the amazing family, community and network we have here. I am so thankful for my Atlanta home base, and we do most of our business right here, too.

SGC | Who is buying your art?

BBT | I love finding my work forever homes. Since I have such a variety of products and price points my clients are just as varied. College girls and young professionals are my largest audience for prints. For small original pieces I sell mostly to first time home buyers and new parents that they are buying their first original art. For large pieces and custom commissions I work with designers, galleries, consulting companies, and everyday collectors across the U.S. and even internationally. In fact we do a large amount of business in Australia and New Zealand which is super fun.

SGC | Your website, BrittBass.com is so user-friendly and inviting.

BBT | Thank you! My website alone accounts for over 50 percent of my total sales!

SGC | What tips can you give new collectors?

BBT | My best advice for people buying art is the advice I give myself and my friends: buy art that speaks to you and tells a story. What jumps out and grabs you? If you are at a gallery or a website, it’s the piece you keep going back to look at again. It’s the one you want to know more about, why the artist made it, what it means. Art should represent meaning, spark a memory or story, and be part of a grander collection of our lives. I like to think of my house as my own curatorial project where I have a relationship with every piece of artwork, know who the artist is, where I was when I bought it, who I was with, why this piece stuck out to me, what it looks like to me or means to me. Artwork is unique in the way that we can assign out own memories and meaning to it.