Happy New Year, Alpharetta

I’m not going to hammer you with New Year’s resolution guilt in this letter, or urge you to forgive and forget. I’m sure you’re getting that at every turn.  Personally, I set my goals every summer when I head to the lake and review and reset with my friends while sailing and gazing out into the clear deep water. (Uh oh, I just realized I only have six more months to get my act together!)

This month, we bring you stories of local entrepreneurs working to make their dreams come true while honing ideas and products for the modern marketplace. Inspiration came from the fellows at Jekyll Brewing Company. By now, you’ve probably tipped back a local beer. What do you think? Get to know the team in our story and stop by, telling them we sent you!

I was introduced to the smooth, rich hummus from Alpharetta’s House of Hummus when I escaped for the weekend with girlfriends for my friend, Amy’s bachelorette party weekend on the Cartecay River. We had the hummus for breakfast, lunch, happy hour and dessert. I had to get the story and our writer Christopher Hassiotis met the owner, Samar, who shared her story.

The inspiration continues all month, with an introduction to the moms and sons who make change happen by working together in and around our community. Read the story about the Young Men’s Service League on page 12.

There are big ideas all around us. What’s yours? We hope this issue inspires you to listen to your creative voice in 2016.